50 Treasure Planet quotes about dreams and adventures (2023)

Let these Treasure Planet quotes inspire you to reflect and enter the depths of self-discovery and love.

Treasure Planet is a Disney film based on the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a science fiction spin-off about Jim Hawkins' adventures in finding the location of Treasure Planet.

More than the thrill you will feel with the action-packed storyline, it will also teach you how to make your dreams come true.

Jim was determined to find Treasure Planet, no matter how difficult it was. That says a lot about your character's personality.

This teaches us about perseverance, devotion and integrity. Undoubtedly, he is an inspiration and motivation that can encourage both children and adults to achieve their goals in life.

So now add this to your must-read list to help you reflect on yourself and your life. Read below to learn more about the Treasure Planet movie.

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Best Treasure Planet Quotes

Best gangster quotes

Best gangster quotes

1. “Look at yourself shining like the fire of the sun. You are special, Jim. You will shake the stars. You are!" - Johannes Silber

2. “I was never good at games. I always hated to lose.” – Johannes Silber

3. "You have the makings of greatness, but you must take the helm and chart your own course!" Stay tuned no matter what the gusts look like! And when the time comes, you can actually test-cut your sails and show what you're made of! And now, I hope to be there, catching some of the light that emanates from you on this day.” – Johannes Silber

4. "I'm starting to see my life flash before my eyes! At least I think it's my life. Have I ever danced with an android named Lupe?" — ​​B.E.N

5. "I mean, at least you taught me something like, 'Hang on, huh? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do! I'm going to make sure you never see a doubloon of my love!" - Jim Hawkins

6. Jim Hawkins: "Oh, I have some plans to make people see me a little differently."

John Silver: "Sometimes plans go wrong."

Jim Hawkins: "Not this time."

7. Jim Hawkins: "Silver, did you quit?"

John Silver: "Just a lifelong obsession, Jimbo. I'll get over it."

8. "All my life I've dreamed of an adventure like this. My only regret is that I couldn't have been of better help to you.” -Dr. Delbert Doppler

9. "Well it was a fun day. Making new friends like this psycho spider.” – Jim Hawkins

10. "Ahhh you still don't know how to pick your fights, do you boy? tag me now Either I get this letter tomorrow at dawn or help me, I'll use the ship's cannons to chase you all to the kingdom!" – Johannes Silber

11. Sarah Hawkins: "Jim, I don't want to lose you."

Jim Hawkins: "Mom, you won't. I'll make you proud."

Treasure Planet quotes about adventure and space exploration

12. “On the clearest nights, when the etherium winds were calm and peaceful, the great merchant ships with their cargoes of Arcturian sun crystals felt safe and secure. Little did they know they were being chased by pirates. And the most feared of these pirates was the notorious Captain Nathaniel Flint.” – Jim Hawkins

13. Jim Hawkins: "Do you think anyone will ever find Treasure Planet?"

Sarah Hawkins: "Honey, I think Treasure Planet is more of a legend."

Jim Hawkins: "I know it's real."

Sarah Hawkins: "You won. It's real."

14. "Without the map, we're dead. If we try to leave, we're dead. If we stay here..." - Jim Hawkins

15. Dr. Delbert Doppler: "Flint's Trove? The Spoils of a Thousand Worlds? Do you know what that means?"

Jim Hawkins: "That means all these treasures are just a boat ride away!"

16. Sarah Hawkins: "Delbert, could you explain how ridiculous that is?"

dr Delbert Doppler: "This is completely absurd! Alone in the entire galaxy!"

Sarah Hawkins: "Now we finally hear some reason!"

dr Delbert Doppler: "That's why I'm going with you!"

17. "You know the rules. You will not fight on this ship. All other perpetrators will be held in the brig until the end of the voyage. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Scroop?" – Mr. Arrow

18. Jim Hawkins: "Wow! What's all this about?"

B.E.N.: "You mean the kilometer-long machines that run through the entire interior of this planet? No idea!"

19. "Disable some laser cannons. What's the problem? We just have to find that little wire.” — B.E.N.

20. "We could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over with this treasure!" - Jim Hawkins

21. “Doctor, I would like to talk. Tea, cake, all that, but I have a ship to launch and you need to polish your clothes.” -Captain Amelia

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Treasure Planet Quotes That Will Wow You

22. “They didn't exactly compliment me when I left the house. But I will change all that.” – Jim Hawkins

23. "You have the most beautiful eyes." - Captain Amelia

24. "In honest service, there are few commons, low wages and hard work." - Black beard

25. "Better keep that in mind, huh, Morph? I don't want him getting involved in things he shouldn't." – Johannes Silber

26. Jim Hawkins: "Was it worth it?"

John Silver: "I hope so, Jimbo. I'm sure.

27. Sarah Hawkins: "Are you saying this because it's the right thing to do or because you really want to go?"

Jim Hawkins: I really, really, really want to go. And it's the right thing to do.”

28. "Jim, this should be a wonderful opportunity for the two of us to get to know each other. You know what they say 'Familiarity breeds', er, well, 'contempt'." -Dr. Delbert Doppler

29. “I am Captain Amelia. After a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada, nasty stuff, but I won't bore you with my scars. Have you met my first officer, Mr. Arrow? Exceptional, tough, reliable, honest, courageous and true.” – Captain Amelia

30. Jim Hawkins: "Mom, this is it! This is the answer to all our problems!"

Sarah Hawkins: "Jim, there is absolutely no way."

Jim Hawkins: "Don't you remember? All those stories?

Sarah Hawkins: "That's it! stories!"

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Funny treasure planet quotes to fill your day with laughter

31. "Touching and talking. Those are my two big no-no.” – B.E.N.

32. John Silver: "Didn't your father ever teach you to pick your fights a little more carefully?" Wasn't your father the type to teach?

Jim Hawkins: "No. He was more of a 'take off and never come back' type."

33. "Mr. Arrow, I've checked this wretched ship from stem to stern and, as always, it's spot on. Can't you go wrong?" – Captain Amelia

34. "Damn it, Jim! I'm an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I'm a doctor, but I'm not that kind of doctor. I have a PhD. It's not the same. You can't help people with a PhD. ” –Dr Delbert Doppler

35. "I speak 'Flatula' fluently, Jim. I was in high school for two years.” —Dr Delbert Doppler

36. Captain Amelia: "Is this what you really aim for?"

dr Delbert Doppler: "You know, actually."

37. "Doctor, mulling over and gossiping over a treasure map in front of this particular crew demonstrates a level of incompetence that borders on idiocy. And I mean that in a very affectionate way.” – Captain Amelia

38. "I feel like a useless coward with extraordinarily thin wrists." Delbert Doppler

39. "In the flesh! Well, more or less, except skin, organs and anything resembling meat, it's not there." - B.E.N.

40. Robot Police 1: "Are you the boy's father?"

dr Delbert Doppler and Sarah Hawkins: "Oh my God no!"

Sarah Hawkins: Ew! He's just an old family friend."

41. "That was more fun than I would ever want to have again." Delbert Doppler

42. Scroop: "The cabin boys should learn to mind their own business."

Jim Hawkins: "Why? You got something to hide, bright eyes?

Scroop: "Maybe your ears aren't working very well."

Jim Hawkins: Ugh! Too bad my nose works fine.

43. "Why, Mr. Arrow, sir. I bring such fine and distinguished gentlemen to grace my humble galley. Had I known, I would have tucked in my shirt.” – Johannes Silber

44. Captain Amelia: “I don't care much for that crew you hired. Are you, as I described you, Arrow? I said something really nice before breakfast this morning.

Mr. Arrow: "'A ridiculous bunch of garrulous idiots', ma'am."

Captain Amelia: There you are, Poetry.

45. Dr. Delbert Doppler: “I have a question. Is your body too big for your little head or is your head too small for your big fat body?”

British pirate: "I'll beat you right up!"

46. ​​​"I'm sorry, my memory isn't what it used to be. I lost my mind Haha! I lost my mind! You didn't think so, did you?" - B.E.N.

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More Treasure Planet quotes for those who loved the movie

47. “I keep dreaming that one day I'll open that door and there he will be, just the way he was. A smiling, happy little boy who has a new pet and begs me to let him keep it.” – Sarah Hawkin

48. "If I could handle a boat like that at your age, they'd bow in the street today as I passed." - Johannes Silber

49. Billy Bones: “He's coming soon. I cannot have found them."

Jim Hawkins: "Who's coming?"

Billy Bones: The Cyborg. Watch out for the cyborg.”

50. Billy Bones: “He's coming. you can hear it These cogs and tops are clicking and turning like the devil himself!”

Jim Hawkins: "Hit you on the head hard, didn't it?"

Can you relate to Jim Hawkins' need to prove his worth and purpose?

We are used to films that focus on romantic plots. But,treasure planetis one of those Disney movies that will make you think deeply about yourself.

It focuses on discovering who you are and achieving your goals in life. It's a useful representation of what it's like to feel the need to prove yourself and your purpose. In a way, a part of us can identify with the feelings and thoughts of Jim Hawkins.

He had an overwhelming desire for his mother's acceptance - a feeling we can all relate to in one way or another. Jim may talk ridiculously and his dreams may seem far-fetched, but his intentions in doing so are born of love and innocence.

I hope these Treasure Planet quotes entertained you and got you thinking about the characters. Next time you watch the movie, remember the key lines from our collection. Like Jim, keep climbing in life and dream big!

Which Treasure Planet quote is your favorite? Would you like to add more to the collection? Comment below!

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