A list of films about survival: the following phase (2023)

If you want to watch movies about survival while sitting on a comfortable sofa in a hot room and drinking chips and drinking chips and beer, you can choose here.Simply select the environment: Mountains, ocean, desert, jungle, space or extraterrestrial Planet.cross reference through catastrophe: climate, plane crash, boat capacity, scientific expedition, adventure or pure stupidity.

Tilt back and enjoy.

127 hours(2010)

An climber is caught under a stone while he alone near Moab, Utah, Canyoneing.Even one of the basic security measures that were recommended for people in nature would have all their parts of their body today.

  • Environment: Designed
  • Activity/Event: Climbing.Cononeingering


A real story of survival, such as the random encounter of a young couple, first leads her to her first and then to the adventure of her life when they seek one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history.

  • Environment: The Pacific Ocean
  • Event: Hurricane
  • Apex Predator: Wind and Water


The book of Piers Piers Paul Reed.The Uruguayan Rugby team is trapped in the snow -covered Andes forced to use desperate measures to survive after the plane crash.

  • Environment: the Andenberge
  • Event: Crash by Airplane

All is lost(2013)

A man who sails alone in the Indian Ocean has to survive a collision and a storm that destroys his ship.Critics liked more than me.

  • Environment: Indian Ocean
  • Activity/Event: Container collision

Apollo 13(1995)

After the spacecraft has suffered massive internal damage, three astronauts need to develop a strategy to safely return to Earth.We saw this and I liked it at the time, but the immediacy and reality of gravity was missing.

  • Environment: Space
  • Activity/Event: device failure

Throw away(2000)

After surviving an accident on an abandoned island, a FedEx manager needs to change life physically and emotionally.Is there anyone who didn't like this movie?Bueller?Wilson?

  • Environment: Desert Island
  • Activity/Event: CRASH DE AIR


One billionaire and two other men used to civilization are trapped in a dangerous desert for an airplane crash.A brown bear makes an impressive enemy.I've seen this movie twice, maybe three times.

(Video) How to Survive the First 90 Days After the Collapse

  • Environment: Alaska Desert
  • Activity/Event: CRASH DE AIR
  • Apex Predator: Grizzly Bear


A climbing expedition on Mount Everest is hit by a strong storm in which X climbers and guides were killed.

  • Environment: Himalaia - Monte Everest
  • Activity/Event: Climbing Tower
  • APEX Predator: Nature


A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident takes them in space.

  • Environment: Space
  • Activity/Event: Space debris destroys the space bus

The grey(2011)

Following the accident of his aircraft in Alaska, an experienced hunter takes six oil workers to survival, while a bunch of relentless wolves follows his journey.

  • Environment: Alaska Desert
  • Activity/Event: CRASH DE AIR
  • Apex Predator: Wolfspaket

Hunger Games(2012)

Young but imaginative, Katniss Everdeen -Voluntes to put their young people in hunger games, a television fight against death, in which two young "tribute" of each of the twelve panem districts are selected by Lottery to participate in competitions.

  • Environment: An arena that changes every year
  • Activity/Event: The Annual Games of Hunger Competition
  • Apex Predator: Mann

Hunger Games: In Flames(2013)

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark will be sent back to the Arena by the 75th quarter when they become the objectives of the Capitol.Sieg in the 74th Hunger Games caused a revolt in the 12 Panem districts that President Snow wants to resign quickly.

  • Environment: An arena that changes every year
  • Activity/Event: The Annual Games of Hunger Competition
  • Apex Predator: Mann

Hunger Games;- Part 1 (1914)

  • Environment: District 8 E District 13
  • Activity/Event: rebellion against the capitol
  • Apex Predator: Mann

In the air: Death in Everest(1997)

Based on the book of the same name, by Jon Krakauer, it is the catastrophic events that took place during the promotion of Mount Everest on May 10, 1996. The book was better.

  • Environment: Himalaia - Monte Everest
  • Activity/Event: Storm


Is it really surviving if you hunt the big white shark?Or is it just surviving if the big white shark hunt you?

  • Environment: Atlantic Ocean in front of Marthas Weinberg
  • Activity/Event: Haian Attack
  • Apex Predator: Great White Hai

(Video) Best Survival Hacks For Your Next Camping Trip || Travel Gadgets, Emergency Hacks, Camping DIYs

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson(1972)

We have seen this movie several times and never get older.This is Robert Redford on his best side.He could certainly be Griz Haut.eh.

  • Environment: The Rock Mountains
  • Activity/Event: Escape from civilization
  • Apex Predator: Grizzly Bear

Jurassic Park(1993)

I would not have thought of this movie in the context of survival, but it works.

  • Environment: Theme Park
  • Activity/Event: Tropical Storm
  • Apex Predator: Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor

Jurassic World(2015)

Do not use high heels to go to the dinosaur warehouse.I just say.

  • Environment: Theme Park
  • Activity/Event: Sabotage
  • Apex Predator: Indominus rex


This film restores the legendary explorer of Thor Heyerdal, the 4,300 mile crossing in a Balsóolo flow in 1947. His goal was to prove that the South American were possible in Polynesia in pre -Colombian times.

  • Environment: Pacific Ocean
  • Activity/Event: Expedition of Peru to the Tuamotu Islands

Lawrence of Arábia(1962)

We saw the 50 -year edition and it was excellent.During the movie, the movie contains a survival in the desert scene, this is not the focus of the story, so that it is not on my list.

  • Environment: Rub al Khali dert of Saudi Arabia
  • Activity/Event: Surprise cross

PI life: wreck with tiger

PI life: wreck with tiger(2012)

IMHO This must be on the list of the top 10 survival films of all.It is also the most beautiful of all I remember.

(Video) Fasting For Survival Lecture by Dr Pradip Jamnadas

  • Environment: Pacific Ocean
  • Activity/Event: Tropical Storm and Wreck
  • Apex Predator: Bengal Tiger

The only survivor(2013)

In this movie, Marcus Luttrell and a seal team of the Navy compete against the mission based on real events against the notorious leader of Taliban Ahmad Shah in late June 2005 or kill their lives in hostile territory and a major force fromthat expected.

  • Environment: Mountains of Afghanistan
  • Activity/Event: attack on a village
  • APEX Predator: Taleban Fighter

Mr. Flies(1963)

Ship benches on an island, a group of castaways think that survival and civilized people are not the same.I saw a lot of time to remember if it was good.

  • Environment: Ocean
  • Activity/Event: CRASH DE AIR

The Mars(2015)

Mark Watney alone on Mars

This is the final survival environment. If astronaut Mark Watney has a manned mission to Mars, he is suspicious after a violent storm and left behind for his crew, but survived and stuck on the enemy planet and alone.And find a way to signal the land that it lives.

  • Environment: Mars
  • Activity/Event: Mighty Storm

The most dangerous game(1932)

Victims need to survive the island and the hunter.

  • Environment: Tropical Island
  • Activity/Event: Manhunt
  • Apex Predator: Mann

O not antesY (1996)

Cornell Wilde has to survive to be hunted by a tribe in Africa, but the environment is a strong opponent.I saw him outdoors as a child was exciting.

  • Ambiente: Africano Veldt
  • Activity/Event: Elephant Hunt
  • Apex Predator: Mann

Open waters(2003)

Based on the true story of two divers, which were accidentally trapped in sharks after the travel boat was without them.I couldn't see this in theater or on television because the thought is very terrible.

  • Umwelt: Greater Barrier Recife
  • Activity/Event: Dive
  • Apex Predator: Sharks, Wellyfish

The Adventure of Poseidon(1972)

A group of passengers struggles to survive and escape when the Oceanliner corrects him, or does not believe, I think I have never seen this movie.

  • Environment: Atlantic Ocean
  • Activity/Event: dishonest wave

O Recife(2010)

(Video) Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (Live) (Official Video) [HD]

A large white shark chases the crew of a Capsia sailboat along the large Recife barrier.I didn't see that either.

  • Umwelt: Greater Barrier Recife
  • Activity/Event: Sailboat Kentren
  • Apex Predator: Great White Hai

Restagatin deblict.(2006)

This shows the epic struggle for the survival of a US fighting pilot after being shot down on a Laos mission during the Vietnam War.We like it and we found it very well.

  • Environment: Longa laos
  • Activity/Event: Short aircraft
  • Apex Predator: Mann

Riddick and Friend


The condemned and King Richard Riddick remains dead on an arid and solar planet.

  • Environment: Planet Bargregner
  • Activity/Event: Abandoned
  • Apex Predator: Alien Predators

Robinson Crusoe(1997)

I lost it, but we all know the story.This is the second film version of the classic.

  • Environment: Tropical Island
  • Activity/Event: Wreck

The shallow waters(2016)

Surfer Nancy, just 200 meters from the coast, is attacked by a large white shark, for which her short journey to security becomes the competition of the final will.

  • Environment: Tropical Ocean
  • Activity / Event: Surf
  • Apex Predator: Great White Hai

O snowhauer(2003)

A plane crash leaves a pilot and his passenger, who fights for survival in the Arctic Tundra.

  • Environment: Arctic tundra
  • Activity/Event: CRASH DE AIR

Tap the emptiness(2003)

I didn't think a movie could do justice to the book that was exciting, but the film version is better.I forgot to breathe.

(Video) Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was

  • Environment: Peruvian mountains
  • Activity/Event: Mountain climbing


Two storm hunters on the brink of divorce need to work together to create a progressive meteorological alarm system, placing extremely violent tornadoes in the joint.

  • Environment: Oklahoma
  • Activity/Event: Tornado

uninterrupted (2014)

Following an almost fatal plane crash in World War II, Olympic corridor Louis Zamperini is terrifying 47 days on a ferry, particularly agony, one of the guards for a long time.

  • Environment: Pacific Ocean, Japanese Prism Field
  • Activity/Event: World War II, plane crash
  • Apex Predator: Mann

The way back(2010)

The refugees of a Siberian Gulag go 4,000 miles through the earth in India.

  • Activity/Event: Prison escape


What is the best survival movie and why? ›

These are the 21 best survival movies—or, at least, 21 survival movies we really like and think you should check out.
  • Into the Wild (2007) ...
  • The Rescue (2021) ...
  • 1917 (2019) ...
  • The Road (2009) ...
  • Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) ...
  • 28 Days Later (2002) ...
  • The Endless Trench. Netflix. ...
  • Children of Men (2006) Universal Pictures.
12 Apr 2022

How do I find a movie I can't remember? ›

One of the easiest ways to find a movie title is by searching the actors who were in it. You can look up an actor's Wikipedia or IMDb page to check their filmography, and you should find the movie you're looking for there.

What is a survival film genre? ›

The survival film is a film genre in which one or more characters make an effort at physical survival. It often overlaps with other film genres. It is a subgenre of the adventure film, along with swashbuckler films, war films, and safari films.

What is a survival thriller? ›

Survival thrillers are exciting stories centered around a character or a group of characters fighting to live against all the odds.

What is the greatest survival story of all time? ›

Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian Amazon. Jose Salvador Alvarenga, who floated for 13 months alone in the Pacific ocean. Aron Ralston, who cut off his arm to escape the canyon he'd been trapped in. Lincoln Hall, who was abandoned on Mount Everest.

What is the most famous survival story? ›

The 10 best survival stories
  • Everest, 1924. ...
  • Siula Grande, 1991. ...
  • Eiger, 1936. ...
  • K2, 1953. ...
  • Pamirs, 1974. ...
  • Matterhorn, 1865. ...
  • Haramosh, 1957. One of the climbers attempting K2 in 1953 was British, an army officer called Tony Streather. ...
  • K2, 2008. In 2008, 11 climbers died in the space of 24 hours close to the summit of K2.
16 Oct 2010

Is there a watched list on Netflix? ›

You can see the TV shows and movies that have been watched on each profile on your account. From a web browser, go to your Account page. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings for the profile you want to see. Open Viewing activity.

What is Remember Me in Netflix? ›

Two young lovers — both reeling from family tragedies — begin a new romance, but their nascent relationship is threatened by secrets in this coming-of-age drama. Starring Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, and Pierce Brosnan. Directed by Allen Coulter; screenplay by Will Fetters.

Does Netflix have Remember Me? ›

Watch Remember Me | Netflix.

What are the 3 types of film? ›

Alan Williams distinguishes three main genre categories: narrative, avant-garde, and documentary. With the proliferation of particular genres, film subgenres can also emerge: the legal drama, for example, is a sub-genre of drama that includes courtroom- and trial-focused films.

What film is game of survival in? ›

Mafia: The Game of Survival (Russian: Мафия: Игра на выживание, romanized: Mafiya: Igra na vyzhivanie) is a 2016 Russian science fiction action film directed by Sarik Andreasyan and written by Andrei Gavrilov. It was inspired by a popular party game, Mafia.

Is survive a good movie? ›

August 28, 2022 | Rating: 1.5/5 | Full Review… Survive takes a simple concept-two plane-crash survivors (a man and woman with seemingly opposite personalities) try to find their way out of a remote mountain area-and turns it into a suspenseful thriller and a poignant love story at the same time.

Who is the best survival expert? ›

Few survival experts are more well known than Bear Grylls.

What is the easiest survival game? ›

Definitely worth checking this one out.
  • Rust. Rust is one of the all-time greats when it comes to survival games. ...
  • Raft. ...
  • Stranded Deep. ...
  • Minecraft. ...
  • Astroneer. ...
  • The Long Dark. ...
  • Subnautica.
3 Jun 2022

What is the highest a human has survived? ›

Based on rates of survival (or lack thereof) during crashes, it became accepted wisdom that no pilot could withstand more than 18 G's, or 18 times the force of gravity at sea level.

What is the longest someone has survived in the wild? ›

Bourbeau is noted for holding the Guinness World Record for longest voluntary wilderness survival of 31 days, a record he has held for nearly 30 years since 1986.

What are survival stories? ›

Stories of Survival is a landmark exhibit that showcases more than 60 personal artifacts brought to America by Survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides, never before on display.

What are some survival themes? ›

  • Quotes Main.
  • Family.
  • Fear.
  • Violence.
  • Freedom and Confinement.
  • Justice and Judgment.
  • Power.
  • Perseverance.

Why are survival stories so popular? ›

The theme of survival pits characters against an external force: the environment, disease, a powerful antagonist. What a character does to survive against these forces is what makes these stories so compelling; after all, the character could be you or I.

Who was the longest survival at sea? ›

José Salvador Alvarenga holds the record for the longest solo survival at sea. He was adrift for 438 days, and traveled over 6,700 miles.

What is the most watched thing in Netflix history? ›

Netflix's most watched TV series, ranked
  • Squid Game (season 1), a Korean survival thriller -- 1.65 billion hours.
  • Stranger Things (season 4), a retro sci-fi series -- 1.35 billion hours.
  • Dahmer, a true-crime serial killer series -- 856.2 million hours.
22 Nov 2022

Can you delete Netflix watch history? ›

Head to Profile & Parental Control section. Click View next to Viewing Activity. Finally, click on the Cancel sign at the right corner of each viewed history. Your Netflix watch history is now deleted.

How do I get to my watch list? ›

In a web browser:

Go to google.com. Search for “my watchlist.” Select what you want to watch. Watch now.

Is trust me on Netflix? ›

Watch Trust Me | Netflix.

Did Netflix ever call me by my name? ›

Yes, you can access the movie on the Netflix website.

Is the movie Why me on Netflix? ›

A young prosecutor is assigned a career-making case involving a colleague but soon starts to question the motivations behind the charges. Watch all you want.

How do I find secret movies on Netflix? ›

Here are the secret Netflix codes that unlock tons of hidden movies and shows
  1. Asian Action Movies (77232)
  2. Classic Action & Adventure (46576)
  3. Action Comedies (43040)
  4. Action Thrillers (43048)
  5. Adventures (7442)
  6. Comic Book and Superhero Movies (10118)
  7. Westerns (7700)
  8. Spy Action & Adventure (10702)

How do you find hidden stuff on Netflix? ›

To explore these collections — ordering off the secret menu, if you will — all you need to do is fire up your web browser, type in “netflix.com/browse/genre/” and then add your ID code of choice to the end of the URL.

What are the 3 phases of making a movie? ›

The film production process can be divided into countless steps to take a film from concept to a finished piece. However, there are three key stages that take place in the production of any film: pre-production (planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing, color-grading, and visual effects).

What are the 10 forms of film? ›

  • Feature films. [40 min or more]
  • Short films. [under 40 min]
  • Animated films.
  • Film adaptations.
  • Historical films.
  • Biographical films.
  • Silent films.
  • Documentary films.
6 Aug 2022

What are the 7 parts of film production? ›

Mastering the 7 Stages of Film Production
  • Development. ...
  • Financing. ...
  • Pre-production. ...
  • Production. ...
  • Post-production. ...
  • Marketing. ...
  • Distribution.
21 Jun 2019

What is a survival and horror game? ›

Survival horror refers to a subgenre of survival video games that include horror game elements. The player character is vulnerable and under-armed, which puts emphasis on puzzle-solving and evasion, rather than the player taking an offensive strategy.

What Disney movie is I Will Survive in? ›

The 2005 film Chicken Little, released by Walt Disney Animation Studios, featured the song; however, it is not included in the official soundtrack.

What is survival mode in game? ›

Survival mode, or horde mode, is a game mode in a video game in which the player must continue playing for as long as possible without dying in an uninterrupted session while the game presents them with increasingly difficult waves of challenges.

What's the best survival show on TV? ›

7 Best Survival TV Shows That Will Actually Teach You Something
  1. Alone. ...
  2. Frontier House. ...
  3. Survivorman. ...
  4. Man vs. ...
  5. I Shouldn't Be Alive. ...
  6. Ultimate Survival Alaska. ...
  7. Life Below Zero.
12 Aug 2022

Is Alive scary? ›

In addition to a strong script and terrific performances, #Alive is also genuinely terrifying and visually interesting.

What is the movie survive 2022 about? ›

What is #1 game in the world 2022? ›

In August 2022, the top PC games in the world by monthly active users were Minecraft, the Sims 4, and Fortnite.

What is the hardest survival game? ›

1/15 Escape From Tarkov
  • project zomboid.
  • Stranded Deep.
  • Green Hell.
  • 7 Days to Die.
  • This War of Mine.
  • Don't Starve.
  • Rust.
  • Escape from Tarkov.
23 Oct 2022

What is the best free survival game? ›

The 12 Best Free Survival Games
  • Fallout Shelter is one of the highest-rated post-apocalyptic survival simulation games with great world-building. ...
  • Unfortunate Spacemen is one of the most thrilling free-to-play multiplayer survival horror games set in space.
4 days ago

Is survival a skill? ›

Survival skills are often basic ideas and abilities that ancient people invented and used themselves for thousands of years. Outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, fishing, and hunting all require basic wilderness survival skills, especially in handling emergency situations.

What is the best survival strategy? ›

10 Essential Wilderness Survival Tips
  • Build a fire. ...
  • Craft a short-term survival shelter. ...
  • Establish a hierarchy of priorities. ...
  • Find a clean water source. ...
  • Locate a food source. ...
  • Practice excellent hygiene. ...
  • Stay calm and assess the situation. ...
  • Signal nearby search and rescue teams.
27 Apr 2022

Are survival games good for you? ›

Survival games also illustrate the importance of being able to rely on yourself. In most survival games, you start the game alone and complete various tasks by yourself. Though it may be fun to have teammates, you cannot be too sure if you could depend on others.

What is the first horror survival game? ›

First released on the Atari 2600, Haunted House is considered by some to be the first survival horror.

What is one movie everyone should see in their lifetime? ›

They're a mix of movies to see while growing up, recent hits, unforgettable classics, and pop-culture touchstones.
  • "The Godfather" (1972) ...
  • "Do the Right Thing" (1989) ...
  • "Citizen Kane" (1941) ...
  • "Before Sunrise" (1995) ...
  • "Boyhood" (2014) ...
  • "8½" (1963) ...
  • "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) ...
  • "The Rules of the Game" (1939)
10 Aug 2022

Which is the most realistic zombie movie? ›

6 Most Realistic Zombie Movies of All Time
  • 6/6 I Am Legend.
  • 5/6 World War Z.
  • 4/6 Shaun Of The Dead.
  • 3/6 Train to Busan.
  • 2/6 [REC]
  • 1/6 28 Days later.
27 Feb 2022

What is the oldest survival game? ›

An early example of the survival game genre is UnReal World, which was created by Sami Maaranen in 1992 and is still in active development.

What is the most popular survival game 2022? ›

Best survival games
  • Terraria.
  • Astroneer.
  • This War Of Mine.
  • Don't Starve.
  • Neo Scavenger.
  • RimWorld.
  • The Long Dark.
  • Subnautica.
22 Jul 2022

What movie makes you think everyone has died but they haven t? ›

Stay Alive
CountryUnited States
Budget$20 million
Box office$27.1 million
12 more rows

What are disaster movies called? ›

A disaster film or disaster movie is a film genre that has an impending or ongoing disaster as its subject and primary plot device. Such disasters may include natural disasters, accidents, military/terrorist attacks or global catastrophes such as a pandemic.

What is the greatest movie line of all time? ›

A jury consisting of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians selected "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn", spoken by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in the 1939 American Civil War epic Gone with the Wind, as the most memorable American movie quotation of all time.

What is the top 10 best movie? ›

Best movies of all time
  • The 400 Blows (1959) Film. ...
  • Star Wars (1977) Film. ...
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) Film. ...
  • Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) Film. Action and adventure. ...
  • Alien (1979) Film. Science fiction. ...
  • Tokyo Story (1951) Film. Drama. ...
  • Pulp Fiction (1994) Film. Drama. ...
  • The Truman Show (1998) Film. Fantasy.
20 Sept 2022

What is the best movie scene of all time? ›

We've compiled a list of the 10 most iconic movie scenes of all time.
  • The Shower Scene – Psycho (1960)
  • “I am your father” Scene – Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (1980)
  • “I'm Flying” Scene – Titanic (1997)
  • “D-Day” Scene – Saving Private Ryan (1998)
  • “Bullet Time” Scene – The Matrix (1999)
24 Jun 2022

What movie has the smartest zombies? ›

The 1988 film Dead Heat can arguably be shown to demonstrate intelligent zombies. In "Universal soldier" the soldier from vietnam war are ressurected they have memories and intelligent. In "Izombie" the main protagonist are a intelligent infected and the other infected are intelligent.

Who is the best zombie actor? ›

Here are the five best performances – living or dead – in zombie movies.
  1. Billy Connolly in Fido (2006) ...
  2. Duane Jones in Night Of The Living Dead (1968) ...
  3. Simon Pegg in Shaun Of The Dead (2004) ...
  4. Sarah Polley in Dawn Of The Dead (2004) ...
  5. Howard Sherman in Day Of The Dead (1985)
30 Jan 2013

What movie has the scariest zombie? ›

The 10 Best Scariest Zombie Movies to Watch This Holiday Season
  • 'Stalled' (2013) ...
  • 'Christmas Zombies' (2020) ...
  • 'Silent Night, Zombie Night' (2009) ...
  • 'Christmas with the Dead' (2012) ...
  • 'The Children' (2008) ...
  • 'A Cadaver Christmas' (2011) ...
  • 'Army of the Dead' (2021) ...
  • 'Train to Busan' (2016)
4 days ago


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