An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (2023)

There are many places to see in Australia and you need to plan well to see them all in limited time. I went in June, but as June is the middle of winter in Australia, I thought the water temperature might be too cold for water sports like the sea, so I planned my visit without sea activities.

Still, there are so many places to visit in Perth, but I would like to introduce you to some of the places I have chosen from among the many tourist attractions.

Australia has lifted entry restrictions since May. Of course, only those who have completed the Corona vaccination can freely enter and walk around, but entry into Australia is surprisingly high and you cannot even leave the country without prior approval. If you are planning to travel to Australia, please see another article for the latest information on entering Australia.

2022 Latest detailed information on how to enter Australia

The best place for sightseeing in Perth

Rock Welle

Big mouth


shark bay



city ​​of perth

(Video) ROTTNEST ISLAND: is the QUOKKA world's CUTEST animal!? Day Trip from Perth with ALL SIGHTS in 4K

Only Bigmouth is too far away, but it makes the list because that's where I originally wanted to go. Unfortunately due to the schedule it was not possible so I had to give up, but the whale sharks can be seen during the current season.

On this list I visited Pinnacles, Shark Bay and Rottnest. Although I stayed in Perth, I didn't do much sightseeing in the city. This article is about Rottnest Island, where you can see the quokka, the happiest animal in the world.


Rottnest Island, home to the happiest quokka animal in the world

Quokkas are now only found on Rottnest Island, an island in western Australia. Considered the happiest animals on Earth, they are unafraid of humans, making them easy to approach and photograph.

Quokka belongs to the kangaroo family, not the mouse family, although there is a theory that it was the model for Pikachu in the Pokémon series. The animal's official name is quokka wallaby, but it walks like a kangaroo.

It was surprisingly big.

You can photograph them facing the camera, or approach and take two photos.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (1)

Reserve a balsa!

I booked my tours through Klook which I highly recommend as it is so easy to book tours abroad.

[Site oficial do Klook]An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (2)

I opted for a package that included a tour but only included the cost of a ferry ride to and from Perth and bike hire. The price was around 90 dollars. If you are interested, there is also a package including a snorkel set for around 100 USD.

If you just want to see quokkas then you don't have to include bikes but it makes getting around a lot easier. Buses are the only vehicle on the island, but it is possible to travel by bus.

The price of this tour is very affordable as it also includes the $19.50 entry fee for an adult to the island.


An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (3)

How to get to Rottnest Island?

As I booked the above tour it included the cost of ferry tickets to and from Perth and bike hire.

This is the ferry you will be using. After purchasing your ticket, you will be given a stub with a QR code, which you can show staff to scan when boarding the ferry.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (4)

There are 3 ways to get to Rottnest Island

  • Fremantle Ferry         Duration: 30 minutes
  • Perth Ferry            Duration: 100 minutes
  • Fly from Jandakot Airport in Perth    Duration: 15 minutes

I took the ferry from Perth to Rottnest Island as this time I was only in Perth.

We head to Rottnest Island as we gracefully cruise the Swan River.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (5)

Please note that masks are mandatory on the cruise. (in May 2022)

Coffee, snacks and other drinks can be purchased, but only with a credit card.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (6)

How to Spend Time on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is recognized by the Australian government as a protected nature reserve and as such, only tourist buses and public transport bicycles are allowed on the island.

So we recommend renting a bike for the day and exploring the island.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (7)
(Video) ROTTNEST ISLAND VLOG: Ultimate Day Trip Guide! Perth, Western Australia Travel

Rottnest Island is about 22 kilometers in circumference, but the roads are surprisingly high and low in places. Renting a bike with gears is definitely recommended, although a bike without gears is a bit cheaper. Even with the gears, it was pretty tough.

The beaches are very beautiful and snorkeling is very popular as it is an island. If you plan on staying a few days, you can rent a diving kit.

I did a lap around the island for no reason and for the second half of the lap my lower body was so sore I thought I was going to rip it to shreds. But because of the beautiful scenery and clean air, I never got tired of running.

Personal recommendations for places on Rottnest Island

Among the many beautiful beaches, the following three places are the ones that I personally find highly recommended.


It is marked by a lighthouse and is closest to the town of Rottnest Island. It is about a 3-minute bike ride from the Rottnest Island Visitor Center.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (8)

June is winter in Australia. Wind direction can vary depending on the time of year, but the north side of Rottnest Island was a great snorkeling spot as the wind wasn't too strong.

There is a restaurant and inn very close to the beach where I had lunch.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (9)


I had the impression that this was the only place where you could see the blue ocean.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (10)

Snorkeling can be difficult because of the high waves. I think the beauty of the ocean is best expressed by taking pictures from a little further up the hill than from the beach. I think the water clarity was excellent.

(Video) Top Things to Do on ROTTNEST ISLAND in ONE DAY, Western Australia, 2023 | Travel Guide

Located on the south side of Rottnest Island. It is about a 25-minute bike ride from the Rottnest Island Visitor Center.

Henriette Felsen

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (11)

It's also a popular snorkeling spot on Rottnest Island because of the shipwreck, but only two people swam that day because of the winter weather.

It might be perfect for someone who wants to explore a bit. The path from the high point to the beach is well maintained due to the deck.

Let's meet Quokka!

Quokkas are relatively close to the visitor center across the area. You'll find plenty of them in the area, filled with restaurants and souvenir shops. On the other hand, you'd better believe it's almost impossible to see them pedaling.

I had high hopes for them but sadly didn't see any. If you want constant security from the quokkas, you might not even need to rent a bike.

They come close enough to touch you, but don't touch them. The quokkas can touch you, but remember you got lucky too. Since they aren't afraid of humans, they won't run away if you approach them. This allows you to take pictures of two pictures, so be patient and persistent.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (12)

It's surprisingly easy to face the camera. It's supposed to be the model for Pikachu, and its cuteness certainly looks like a model, even if it's from the kangaroo family, not the mouse family.

An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (13)
An island that makes everyone happy Rottnest Island | easy ride (14)

At night (around 4pm) you can watch quokkas napping like pictured. Some use a different quokka as a pillow like this one, while others sleep on their stomachs, so keep an eye out for them.


  • At least rent a bike on Rottnest Island to get around the island.
  • If you just want to see quokkas, go to the street behind the visitor center.
  • Be patient and take the best photo for you, it's easier than you think!

My return boat was at 4pm. I've been with the quokkas for the last hour and I wasn't bored at all. I was very happy because the happiest animal in the world, the quokka, had a lot of fun with me.

(Video) ULTIMATE Quokka Selfie Compilation - TRY NOT TO AWW!

If you want great Australian food in Perth this is the place to go, apply! Prices are high for being a restaurant, but you won't be disappointed! This restaurant has a good reputation because of the many locals.

Petition, a very popular Australian restaurant in Perth


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