Bight Reef (Coral Gardens) (2023)

Beach information

Do not pick shells or coral

Do not touch fish or coral

Dogs must be kept on a leash

no lifeguard

(Video) CORAL GARDENS (THE BIGHT REEF) | Turks and Caicos Islands

Garbage dumping prohibited

No loud music or noise

no campfires

fishing forbidden

Watch out for the boats


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Bight Reef is a great snorkeling spot in Providenciales. The outer part of the reef is home to a wide variety of colorful fish and there is almost always at least one turtle nearby. Watch out for dangerous boating activities while diving.

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Hirnkoralle am Main Bight Reef.

See a detailed snorkeling and beach access map below.

THe bay reef(also known ascoral gardens) is excellentsnorkelingReef that starts close to the beach and is the most popular dive site in Turks and Caicos.

This is a great place to start your underwater adventures before exploring some of the other beautiful spotsBeach reefnear Providenciales.

Bight Reef is home to a wonderful variety of fish and marine life, but the coral is not as vibrant as Smith's Reef or the reefs that are normally accessibledive boat trips.

Unlike nearbyRecife de SmithThe more extensive Bight Reef consists of just one main coral ridge, which extends some 107m from the beach. In the expanses of Bight Reef, the sea depth reaches 4.5 to 6 m (15 to 20 feet).

(Video) Snorkeling Bight Reef At Coral Gardens | Turks & Caicos

Beach chairs, umbrellas, snorkel gear and other water sports equipment are usually availableto rentfrom vendors at Bight Beach.

Fish and animal sightings

It is common to see oddly shaped trumpet fish on Bight Reef.

It's quite common to spotGreen TurtleseThe loggerhead turtle, like thissouthern brown stingraysand the occasional blemisheagle rays. Accustomed to regular divers, the creatures on the Bight Reef tend to be more approachable than those on other reefs in Turks and Caicos. If you're lucky, you might even find one.Shark Nurserest at the bottom of the ocean.

include fish sightingsParrotfish Semaphore,Blue Parrotfish,Bar Macaques,Nassau groupers,Queen angelfish,butterflyfish,barracuda,Hedgehog,Trumpet,Squirrel,Yellowtail Snapper,Queen triggerfish,Sargento Major,Girl,scribbled filefish,Lehrer,stem, zyellow sea bass, to name just a few of the species on the reef.

Under the edges and in the cracks areFalling down,banded coral shrimp,moreias manchadas, zThe sea cucumber.

Hard and soft corals can be seen throughout the Bight Reef system and the most impressive specimens can be seen on the deeper east side of the reef.

diving gear,transparent kayaks, beach chairs and umbrellas can usually be hired from beach vendors. Two casual restaurants:jojos coffeeand Somewhere Café are located on the Bight Reef dune.

Reef Safe Sun Protection:Please use reef-safe sunscreen on Turks and Caicos. Common types of sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate cause permanent and significant damage to corals and reefs.

How to get to the Bight Reef?

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O recife Bight em Providenciales.

Finding access to the beach and coral at Bight Reef is very easy. There are two adjacent accesses with parking and pedestrian walkways leading to the beach and next to the reef. if you stay insideAccommodationNObayor west side ofGrace Bay, it is also possible to walk along the beach to the Bight Reef.

Reef writing and information signs can be seen on the beach at Bight Reef and red buoys can be seen near the beach, making it hard to miss the dive site once you are offshore.

Drive to the Bight Reef

Signs leading to the Bight Reef are located outside ofLower Bay Streetto rotate this cam betweenGrace Bayeturtle bay. If you're looking for the two lanes that lead to the beach, it's easier to look for signs for the two neighboring resorts.Resort coral gardensit is atsong of the wind, rather than the relatively discreetPrincess Alexandra National ParkBeach access signs.

ÖPenns RoadAccess is on the western side of the reef and the path to the beach here leads directly to the start of the reef dive. OStubber StreetAccess is on the east side of the reef and is generally a little less crowded. You will find free parking at bothPenns RoadeStubber Street.

(Video) The Bight Reef at Coral Gardens

Beaches all inclusive resort

If you stay atStrandresort, the reef is a 10 minute walk west. Facing the ocean in front of the resort, turn left on the beach for approximately 0.5 miles (0.8 km).

Wymara Club and West Bay

If you stay atWymara-ResortorWest Bay Club, you should head east (right as you face the sea) about 470 meters (1,500 feet).

weather conditions

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Ventoand other weather conditions may affect underwater visibility and overall enjoyment of snorkeling at Bight Reef. Great visibility and clarity really enhances the underwater experience.

In general, snorkeling is excellent when the wind is below 19 km/h. In addition, the entry or exittidealso usually bring better clarity.

midday and fullSolOf course, it better illuminates the underwater scene, but some of the interesting creatures like lobsters, lionfish, and sea mollusks show up morning and night.


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A lionfish on Bight Reef, Providenciales.

By far the greatest danger on the Bight Reef are careless and reckless boaters. The area has a secluded swimming area around the reef, but small speedboats take care of thatTubing and wake tourstend to speed just outside this zone. Not only are these boats dangerous, but they also accumulate sediment and reduce visibility in the water.

Though not a major threat, occasionallylionfishit is something to be aware of. An invasive predatory species native to the Indo-Pacific, the lionfish has venomous spines on its back that can inflict very painful stings that, at worst, can cause temporary seizures or paralysis. Fortunately, lionfish are not aggressive towards humans and will only bite in defensive situations.

It's quite uncommon, but there can be swarms of themJellyfish FoxgloveNOGrace Bay Strandebay beachareas sometimes. If you see these nasty little critters, we advise you to avoid the area.

Currents and underpull are rarely a problem on Bight Reef. However, novice and unsure swimmers should consider using a dive vest. As with any location, strong winds or adverse conditions can make diving uncomfortable and difficult and should be avoided. When a current is present, it usually moves parallel to the shore. Usually, when you find yourself in such a water movement, it makes sense to swim to shore and not try to swim upstream. Back on the beach, it's an easy walk back to the trailhead.

Important Snorkeling Guidelines

As with all Turks and Caicos reefs, great care must be taken to preserve and protect the delicate coral and marine life.

  • Don't touch or step on anything. Coral is a living animal and you will likely kill or severely damage any part you come in contact with.
  • Make sure you don't bump into anything with your flippers or camera gear.
  • take nothing This includes all clams, sea crackers, sea urchins, starfish and small pieces of coral.
  • Do not cover yourself too heavily with sunscreen or other lotions before diving.Please use a biodegradable, reef safe lotion.
  • Do not follow or chase marine life.
  • Don't try to feed marine life.
  • If you are caring for children, make sure they understand and follow these guidelines.

This dive site is part of thePrincess Alexandra National Parkand it's illegalFischor collectshellShe liked.

Due to the detrimental behavior of divers and sediments caused by dredging and motor boats, the Bight Reef has receded somewhat compared to fifteen years ago.

(Video) Snorkeling at Bight Reef / Coral Gardens, Princess Alexandra National Park, Turks and Caicos


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