Create your own country examples (2023)

Your great country is wonderful at stealing bits of history and using them for their own purposes, so it didn't seem like anything unusual, but the English were incredibly trained at it.

— Author quotemichael apartment. The quote is about theft, English history, the purpose of the story, his own country

This country offers opportunities. If you don't use it, it's your fault.

— a text by the author bysam hoof. The aphorism deals with Advantage, Error, Opportunity, Own Country, Own Fault, Provide, Benefit, Own Country

Fitz Allen had "travelled"; and this is generally understood to mean going abroad and staying long enough to grow a wild beard and mustache and develop a deep contempt for everything in one's own country.

— a text by the author byfanny opinion. Thought is Allen, own country, your own country

If you ignore what people are saying on a daily basis and call for the annihilation of your country, ignore them at your peril.

- a quote fromCarolina Glick. The text is about Annihilation, People at risk, People at risk, Call people, Daily basis, Ignore you, Ignore, Ignore people, Ignore you, Own country, Your own country

If you can't find anything good in your own country, you won't find it anywhere else.

- the thought of an authorAlaa Al Assuani. The saying is everywhere, good country, own country, your own country

I've always thought that being a good American means appreciating the world, not just your country.

- written byjohnny dump. The phrase is about appreciating, being appreciated, being a country, being thought of, good country, good thought, just a thought, not being thought of, own country, your own country, your own thoughts, your own world, your thought.

If you aspire to be a leader in your own country, for God's sake, you must speak your own language.

- the thought of an authorWladimir Putin. Lyrics are about striving, striving for, country and god, for god's sake, god and country, god speaks, god speaks to you, god's own country, own country, own language, will, speak language, speak to god , your language , your leader, your own country

It takes a great audacity of hope to reinvent your own country.

- a quote fromJürgen Moltmann. Der Gedanke dreht sich um Audacity, Audacity Of Hope, Great Country, Great Hope, Own Country, Reinvent, Your Own Country

You are always more critical of your own country. People will talk about things in the UK and I'll say, 'Oh, it's not that bad,' but at home it's different. it's on you

— Author quote written byCate Blanchett. Das Sprichwort handelt von Aw, Great Britain, Your own country, Your home country, Your own country

Patriotism is seen as an emotion that a person should feel. But why? Why is it nobler to love one's own country than another's?

- written bywallace shawn. The aphorism is about patriotism, being your own person, love of homeland, homeland patriotism, feeling and love, feeling of love, feeling of love, feelings of love, love of homeland, noble, own homeland, own feelings, your own homeland.

You must make a conscious decision to change for the good of yourself, your family and your country.

- the thought of an authorGuillermo J. Clinton. The aphorism is about being conscious, being a country, changing decision, conscious decision, peasant family, family you make, make a decision, make your own decisions, our country, own country, own decision, own family, well-being, well-being, your Consciousness , your family, your own country, your well-being

You must make a conscious decision to change for the good of yourself, your family and your country.

- Said byGuillermo J. Clinton. The quote is about conscience, being a country, conscious decision, country family, family you do, make a decision, own country, own decision, own family, well-being, well-being, your conscience, your family, your own country, your well-being

Your country's beliefs become mostly your own beliefs! It's not the reason, but empty stories shape you!

- the thought of an authorMehmet Murat Ildan. The proverb is about beliefs, mostly not empty, own country, stories, your beliefs, your own country, your reason.

Before you claim that your own country has the best mountain or the most beautiful forest or the most beautiful temple, travel the world first!

— Author quoteMehmet Murat Ildan. Wisdom revolves around the best country, the claim, the first world, the forest, your own country, the most beautiful, the temple, around the world, the wonderful world, your own country, your own world

Let's say you are a shop mechanic and you have big dreams of opening your own chain of branded shops across the country. Excellent.

- Said byGene Simmons. Der Text handelt von Big dreams, Big up, Branded, Chain, Dreams you have, Garage, Mechanic, Opening, Opening Up, Own country, Fantástico, Your big, Your own country

It is a great mistake to think that your cause, country or side has God on its side. On the one hand, commit the sin of pride.

— a text by the author byChristoph Hitchens. Der Aphorismus handelt von Big Mistake, Your own country, Your own country

Inflate your television... throw away your newspaper... move to the country and build a house. Plant a little garden... eat lots of peaches... try to find Jesus for yourself.

- written byjuan prine. The aphorism is about blast, build, build yourself, build, find your home, home and away, homeland, home yard, on your own, own land, peaches, your yard, your homeland, your own country, your own home

If you drop bombs on the enemy, drop the same bombs on yourself, on your own country.

— a text by the author byNhat Hanh. The quote is about bombs, dropping, on your own, your own country, your enemy, your own country.

Whether you come from a community estate or a country farm, your success will be determined by your own confidence and consistency.

— Author quoteMichelleObama. Der Satz handelt von Boost Self Esteem, Council, Council Estates, Estate, Fortitude, Own Country, Own Success, Your Own Country, Your Success

I think living in a new country gives you a certain courage that living in your own country doesn't give you because of the freedom it gives you.

— Author quoteJuliet Aubrey. The aphorism is about bravery, new country, own country, your own country.

They asked me to talk about Canadian politics. It may not be true, but it's legendary that if you're like all Americans, you know almost nothing other than your own country. As a result, you probably know a country more than most Canadians.

— Author quote written bystefano harper. Lyrics are about Canadians, Canadians, own country, your own country.

You can never be fully human unless you discover the humanity in other people. Don't turn a blind eye to the injustices of your own country by trying to solve the injustices of another country. This is an evasion of Christian responsibility.

- a quote written bynaked beyers. Wisdom is about Close your eyes, Own country, Your own country

If you choose to fight for the future of your own country, you must consider all the consequences.

- a quote fromGary Kasparov. Wisdom has to do with consequences, decision and consequences, future choices, the future of a country, making a choice, making your own choices, your own country, your own choice, your own country.

You annex foreign land, not your own country.

— Author quote written bybeginning of menachem. The sentence is something like country, country country, foreign, foreign country, foreign country, country, own country, your own country

You don't have to live in the country and grow your own food to be green.

- Said bySchalom Harlow. Wisdom is about rural, green food, grow food, grow your own food, your own land, your own land.

Growing up outside of your own country doesn't make you feel like you belong when you return, so feel free to make friends with whoever you want.

— Author quoteclaire dennis. Der Satz handelt von Country friends, Free Country, Growing up country, Make friends, Own country, Your own country

You travel across the country, you visit departments, you give lectures, you talk about the work in your lab, what's going on, what are the possibilities, you talk about your own research.

- the thought of an authorfrank press. The idea is about departments, IT department, lab, press, your own country.

It is incredibly disturbing when a country, especially your own, uses discrimination as the basis for an investigation.

— Author quoteHasan M. Elahi. The sentence is about Discrimination, Concern, Incredible, Investigation, Own Country, Uses, Own Country

The point of serving your country is not to do your own thing or fault, but to work as part of the process.

- written bybald pen. The quote is about doing your thing, doing your part, going to work, not doing your part, prosecute our country, your own country, work, scoundrel, serve, serve your country, serve your country, your own country.

Anyone who wants to downplay Russia's importance in the world really just wants to make their own country better. This is a mistake.

- a quote fromWladimir Putin. Das Zitat handelt von Elevate, Lower, Own country, Russia, Importance, His own country, His own world

We project so much hate that we forget we have our own psychopaths. But that's the role of the satirist: you have to look at your own country and say, look!

— a text by the author bycarl hiaasen. The aphorism is about Examine, Own Country, Alvina Volkova, Your Own Country.

We project so much hate that we forget we have our own psychopaths. But that's the role of the satirist: you have to look at your own country and say, 'Look!'

— a text by the author bycarl hiaasen. Der Aphorismus handelt von Examine, Forget the Haters, Own Country, Alvina Volkova, Your Own Country

It's one thing to tell the citizens of a faraway land to go to hell, but it's another thing to do the same to your own citizens who are supposedly your overlords.

— Author quote written byHa Joon Chang. The quote is about Faraway, Go To Hell, Sovereigns, Supposedly, Your Own Country

You would have this benefit of traveling in your own country, even your own neighborhood, that you would be so fully prepared to understand what you saw that you would make fewer travel mistakes.

- written byHenry David Thoreau. The aphorism is about Less, Neighborhood, Own Country, Full, Traveler, Your Own Country

Oddly enough, nothing makes you feel more like a native of your own country than living where most don't.

- Said byBill Bryson. Quote is about Funny way, Native, Homeland, Almost, Not funny, Own country, Way of life, Where do you live, Your homeland, Your own country, Your own way

If you cannot offer security to your own country, how can you guarantee freedoms?

- written byVictor Orbán. Wisdom revolves around guarantees, how are you, freedoms, own land, provisions, your own land

Sometimes you have to leave your country and live in another before you can return to yours.

— Author quote written byterry tempest williams. The aphorism is about dwelling, own land, your own land

Any private security is a joke in a country where you are up against your own government.

— Author quoteBidsina Iwanischwili. The quote is about joke, own country, private, security, own country.

Any private security is a joke in a country where you are up against your own government.

- a quote written byBidsina Iwanischwili. The saying is about joke, own country, private, security, own country.

It's nice to be recognized in your own country, but I feel like there's more to it than that.

- Said bytessanne chin. Las letras son sobre Lovely, Own Country, Recognized, Your Own Country

Walk down the street and see where this leads. You no longer have the feeling of living in your own country. There is a fight and we must defend ourselves. Before you know it, there will be more mosques than churches!

- written bygert savage. The saying is about mosques, own country, your own country.

I want people to know that there are people on the other side of the world, and even in your own country or down your own street, who need something that you can give them.

- a quote written byDebby Ryan. The proverb is about your own country, your own country.

Don't let the stupidities of your own country interrupt your work! Work and walk your true path and ignore any kind of distraction! Abstract yourself from everything primitive that surrounds you! Focus on your work!

- a quote fromMehmet Murat Ildan. The quote is about own country, your own country.

It may allude to the transnational problem of Islamist terrorism, but it is nothing more than hot air unless you invest in adequate security on the ground in your own country with adequate guarantees of civil liberties.

— a text by the author byGiles foot. The saying is own country, safeguards, transnational, own country, own problems.

If you ever get a high official position in your country, you must see the interests of humanity far more important than the interests of your own country; only then will you deserve to be called a great man!

- a quote fromMehmet Murat Ildan. The sentence is about own country, your own country.

If you are in a foreign country, out of respect, do not speak your own language. You don't need to talk.

- the thought of an authorWarwick Thornton. Wisdom is about one's country, one's language, respecting people who speak one's language, speaking when speaking, one's language, one's country.

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