Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (2023)

Jeju is a huge island, people often underestimate the size of the island. The only ways to get around are by public transport or by car. Of course, the latter is the most convenient, as it saves time for travelers to get from one place to another. Read on to find everything there is to know about Jeju Island driving, renting a car, and self-driving Jeju itinerary on thisBlog Jejucar Rent.

This article assumes you are arriving at Jeju International Airport and that is where you will rent a car at Jeju Airport, pick up and drop off your car at the same location.

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  • Running in Jeju: what to know
    • 1. Requirements for renting a car
    • 2. Car insurance
    • 3. Additional drivers
    • 5. GPS rental in English
    • 6. Rent a WiFi egg
    • 7. Drive on the left
    • 8. Highways in Jeju
    • 9. Jeju Driving Regulations
  • Car rental in Jeju
    • 2. Jeju car rental with driver
    • 3. What to check when renting a car
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary
  • Where to stay in Jeju
  • Self-driving FAQ in Jeju Island

Running in Jeju: what to know

When planning to drive in Jeju, please be aware of all Jeju Island traffic regulations and requirements. Familiarize yourself with them before your trip.

Don't miss it during your trip in Jeju!Book your car in advance, so your airport pick-up and drop-off goes smoothly!Check out the best rental companies here.

1. Requirements for renting a car

Anyone renting a car in Jeju must be 21 or older with at least one year of driving experience. Driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. When renting a Type D vehicle, the driver must be 26 years of age or older with a minimum of 3 years of driving experience.

Before renting a car, be sure to check Korean traffic laws andtraffic signs.

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Korean or International Driving Permit (IDP)

Anyone wanting to drive in Jeju and the rest of Korea needs a valid Korean or International Driving Permit (IDP, International Driving Permit). Although it is impossible to drive in Korea with a foreign driver's license, car rental companies can request it along with your IDP. To be valid, your IDP must be issued in the same country as your local driving license.

UnfortunatelyIDP issued in China,With the exception of Hong Kong and Macau, they are not accepted in South Korea, as China is not a member state of the Geneva Convention and the Vienna Convention.

For more information about internally displaced persons and requirements for renting a car in Jeju and the rest of Korea, see the official Visit Korea website.site web.

If you've been in South Korea for more than a year, you'll need a Korean driver's license to rent a car instead of using your IDP. It is possible to exchange your foreign driver's license for a Korean license.Find more information here.

Other motorized vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs or scooters also require an IDP when rented.

bring your passport

When renting a car, it is necessary to bring your passport to complete the reservation. The rental company will make a copy of your passport. The name on the IDP and the passport must match.

Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (3)

Book a car with your credit card

Car rental can only be paid by credit card in the name of the main driver. Debit cards and cash are not accepted.

One of the most recommended companies to rent a car in Jeju Island is AJ Car Rental (part of SK Rent-A-Car). They are a high quality but also affordable company that also caters to overseas visitors. Make sure you reserve your car well in advance, as Jeju is very popular with Korean visitors and car rentals sell out quickly.

2. Car insurance

Most rental cars in Jeju and Korea always come with basic insurance that covers minor damages and malfunctions. This does not cover serious damage or even theft. Additional insurance is required to cover these risks and must be additionally purchased from the rental company.

For example:Damage is covered under the basic insurance plan, but loss of income to the rental company is not covered and tenants will be responsible for this. This is called the Per Day Loss of Use Fee, which is 50% of the daily rental cost. If the car is under repair for 2 days and the rental cost is 50,000 won (2 x 50,000 krw), then the rent must pay 50% of 100,000 krw.

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3. Additional drivers

When renting a car, each driver must be registered with the rental company for insurance reasons. Only one additional driver can be added and this is free with most rental companies.

4. Collection and return

Most car rental companies are located at Jeju International Airport. Upon arrival, go through gate 5 and into section 5 of the car park. A shuttle will be waiting here to take passengers to the Rent-a-Car building. It's a 5 minute bus ride and the bus leaves every 5 minutes.

All car rental companies are located in the same building as Rent-a-Car, they all offer similar services and prices when renting a car in Jeju Island.

5. GPS rental in English

When renting through an online platform or website, it is possible to request GPS in English, child seats and much more. Be sure to check when you pick up the car that this GPS is included. If it's in Korean, you can easily change it to English in settings. Ask someone from the rental company to help you if you have problems with the Korean interface.

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6. Rent a WiFi egg

Renting a WiFi egg is recommended when renting a car and driving in Jeju, especially for finding the right directions to attractions and tourist sites. These can be collected at the airport.

WiFi eggs are incredibly cheap, starting at 3300 krw per day.See more information here.

7. Drive on the left

In Jeju and the rest of Korea, the steering wheel is located on the left side of the car and cars drive on the right side of the road. If you are planning to drive on Jeju Island and you are from a country that drives the other way, please pay extra attention when driving.

8. Highways in Jeju

Driving on Jeju Island is very easy, there are no tricky areas, not much traffic and most of the roads are flat.

There are quite a few roundabouts on the island and watch out for wild animals, motorbikes and scooters that can appear out of nowhere, especially in small towns.

9. Jeju Driving Regulations

Be careful when driving in Jeju as the maximum speed limit in Jeju is around 50 km/h in the city center and 80 km/h outside the city, but of course this differs from one road to another. Many street cameras are installed along the main roads and any speeding fines received by the rental company will be charged to the card used to initially book the car.

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Traffic rules in Jeju are different from those in other countries, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the law before driving in Jeju. See more information in the officialkorean highway website.

Car rental in Jeju

Several companies are available to rent a car in Jeju. Most of them sell similar products at similar prices, so choose the company you've had the best experiences with. If you are looking for a Jeju Island airport car rental, stick with the top companies.

1. Jeju car rental companies and review

The main car rental companies in Jeju are Sixt, AJ, Avis, Lotte Rent A Car, OK Rent A Car, KT Kumho Car Rental, etc. Prices per day are similar for each company, with Jeju car rental prices starting at 50,000 krw. per day for a cheap Jeju rental car.

initial priceBook
Alquilerdecoches.com70,000 crownsMore info here
Klook50,000 crownsMore info here
Crazy50,000 crownsMore info here
Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (5)

Another company worth visiting is 'AJ rent a car Jeju', this company is also recommended by manylocal travel platforms.

  • car type: Economy, Premium, Luxury, Standard, SUV, Van (Jeju has high quality roads, so any economy car will suffice)
  • Type of fuel: Mostly diesel or gasoline. You can find LPG, electric (EV) or hybrid.
  • Jeju car rental prices: Recently, car rental prices have gone up in Jeju, so you're looking at a starting price of 40-50,000 krw for a small car.

2. Jeju car rental with driver

Instead of just renting a car, it is also possible to hire a driver if needed. Obviously these are more expensive than just renting a car, but still very affordable when traveling in a small or large group. Check below the different recommended driver options in Jeju Island:

These are the best options to hire a driver in Jeju.

3. What to check when renting a car

When picking up your rental car from Jeju International Airport, be sure to check the car for any scratches or dents.Take photos or videosof anything that could be considered harm.

If at the time of delivery there is a problem, then you can prove that scratches or damage were already on the car.

Also check how full the tank is, normally you should get a full tank, if this is not the case go back to the rental desk to sort this out. Otherwise, you may have to pay for gas you never used. The car must be returned with a full tank.

Jeju Self Drive Itinerary

The itinerary below is the perfect Jeju self-drive itinerary to spend 3 days in Jeju Island. Check theDetailed 3 day itineraryon here. This is the best Jeju driving route for Jeju island newbies.

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Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (6)
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary: Day 1
    • 1. City of Jeju-Si
    • 2.Hamdeok Beach
    • 3. Manjanggul Lava Tunnel Cave
    • 4. Haenyeo Museum of Women Divers
    • 6.Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) +riding
    • 7. Seopjiko-ji
    • 8. Hanwha Aquarium in Jeju
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary: Day 2
    • 1. Mysterious Path
    • 2. Hyeopjae Beach
    • 3. City of Cacti
    • 4. Seogwang Tea Garden and O'Sulloc Tea Museum
    • 5. Chocolate Museum
  • Jeju Self Drive Itinerary: Day 3
    • 1. Monte Hallasan
    • 2. Cheonjeyeon Falls
    • 3. Cliffs of Jusangjeolli
    • 4. Yakcheonsa Buddhist Temple
    • 5. Jeongbang Falls
    • 6. Teddy Bear Museum

Below is a map of the island's main road. You can see that there is a main road that runs along the entire island. The scenery on these roads is breathtaking and definitely worth the detour. This is a good guide map to use as a standalone map of Jeju.

Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (7)

Where to stay in Jeju

When you stay and drive in Jeju for 2-3 days, best place to stay in Jeju city. The city is well connected to the rest of the island and is close to the international airport. Consult a guide onThe best places to stay in Jejuon here.

Self-driving FAQ in Jeju Island

Is it difficult to drive in Jeju?

No, it is very easy to drive in Jeju as the roads are in good condition, the maximum speed limit is 80 km/h and the roads are not busy.

Is it possible to rent a car in Jeju without an international driving license?

No, that is not possible. This is illegal in Korea and Jeju Island. If it is impossible to obtain an IDP, other options are to take the bus,taking a group tripohire a private driver.

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Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (9)
Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (10)
Driving in Jeju | Jeju Car Rentals + Jeju Self Drive Itinerary (11)

Are you planning to rent a car in Jeju Island? Do you have any questions about Jeju Island rules or driving requirements? Do you have any suggestions for things to add to this self-guided South Korea itinerary? Let me know in the comments section below on this Jeju self driving blog.



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