Ferries from Spain to Tenerife: routes and information | ferry (2023)

11 January 2023 The Ferryhopper team

Is there a ferry from Spain to the Canary Islands? Of course there is! You can enjoy a unique experienceby ferry to Tenerife. Here you will find all information about ferries from mainland Spain to Tenerife, timetables, ferry companies and travel tips. Find out how to plan the perfect trip online at Ferryhopper!

Ferries from Spain to Tenerife: routes and information | ferry (1)

Colorful boats ashore a rocky coast in Tenerife

Ferries from mainland Spain to Tenerife

There are regular ferry crossings from Huelva and Cádiz to Tenerife all year round. HeFerry from Huelva to TenerifeCrossing is the mostpopular, since the trip is normalMore quicklyTheCadiz - Tenerife FerryRuta.

How long does the ferry from Spain to Tenerife take? Good is30-43 hoursto get to Tenerife by ferry, depending on the port of departure. The distance between Tenerife and the Spanish mainland is approx721 nautical miles(1.335 Kilometer)

Here are more details on the available routes:

Travel by ferry from Huelva to Tenerife

Participation in the ferry crossing from Huelva to TenerifeFred. Olsen-ExpressjArms Transport Company. there is up3 weeklyFerry trips to Santa Cruz de Tenerife depart from the port of Huelva and the duration of the ferry ranges from30 to 38 hours. Standard tickets usually start at110 €.

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Advice: The port of Santa Cruz is located in the northern part of the island. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, so if notvehicleyou have to take onetake a bus or taxito reach the south of the island, where many of thetourist centersyou are located

Ferry trip from Cadiz to Tenerife

IstransmediterranConnection from Cadiz to Santa Cruz de Tenerife is availableweekly(usually Tuesdays). It takes like43 hoursto get to the island and standard tickets cost approx170€.

Advice: Who says you have to stop traveling once you arrive in Tenerife? The island is great forIsland hopping in the Canary Islands, as you can usually find direct connections to a total of 5 islands.

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Ferry from the port of Huelva to the Canary Islands

How to get to the ports of Cadiz and Huelva?

BothCadizjHuelvaThey are important transport hubs. If you areflyingto Spain you can reach Cádiz and Huelva by taking a flight to the nearby airports. The nearest airport is CadizJerez Airport, 45 km from the port city.

To get to Huelva, you can fly to Huelvaseville airport, which is 104 km from the center of the city of Huelva. From the airports you can go to the port cities, take a taxi or take a bus.

There are also many ways to reach the port cities from Spain. Both Huelva and Cadiz have oneRailroad stationand are often connected to other major citiesBusse. To get to Huelva by car or motorbike you candrivevia the CN-431, CN-435 and A-49 highways. For Cádiz you can take the A-4 and follow the CA-35 to reach the port.

Advice: Before taking the ferry from mainland Spain to Tenerife, you can take oneShort break in Andalusia! Visit the region's beaches, taste delicious dishes and see centuries-old monuments!

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Cadiz's Cathedral of the Sea, with its impressive white spiers

Can I travel to Tenerife from mainland Spain now?

Yes it iscurrently possibleto take a ferry from mainland Spain to Tenerife. You can visit our blog for more updatesFerry travel and Covid-19 in Spain.

Everything you need to know about the ferry trip to Tenerife

Planning your trip to Tenerife starts with theferry servicesand services. Opting to arrive by ferry from mainland Spain is a great idea as you can take advantage of many services such as vehicle transfers, dining options, entertainment and family options.

Find out more about the ferry routes and access below.

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Wooden pier in the port of Huelva overlooking the Gulf of Cadiz

Why travel to Tenerife by ferry?

First of all, think about travelingTenerifeBoat? It may seem like a difficult task, but taking the ferry from Andalucia to the island of Tenerife is oneadventureit's worth trying!

Sailing the Atlantic is a dream come true for many travelersbreathtaking scenery, the majestic expanse of the sea and the excellent ferry connections on board.

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The ferry ride is like a mini vacation on board! You can reserve yourscabin, move your car or caravan, enjoy various entertainment services such as outdoor bars and free WiFi, or even bring your four-legged friends. is a perfectsecureTransport option and you can relax, enjoy the sea view and have fun at the same time.

Advice: A ferry might be the best option if you aretravel with children. Most ferry companies make special arrangements for families traveling to Tenerife, offering high chairs, cots, changing rooms and children's menus.

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A surfer and his furry friend play in the waves on a white sand beach

What are the advantages of traveling by ferry to Tenerife?

The ferries that go to Tenerife from mainland Spain are well equipped with everythingmodern equipment. You can fully enjoy the journey by accessing it for free and on-demandServicesduring the crossing to Tenerife.

There are a variety of fares to choose from, whether you prefer a more relaxed or all-inclusive experience. In addition, you can opt for family accommodation and a private andfree from crowdsTravel.

Let's break it down:

  • seats and cabins

Ferryhopper suggests you book onecabin bedto fully enjoy the long journey. You are guaranteed to sleep and have a good night's sleepprivacyand comfort If you prefer to book a single ticket, you have several options to choose from. You can choose a standard orPremium seatEvaluate, put on headphones and relax.

You can also access the on most ferriesOutsidethe space of the boat and enjoy the clean and refreshing air as well as the beautiful view.

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  • restaurants and meals

how oneEssenYou can dine at any of the optionsrestaurants, bring your own meals or grab a quick bite at one of the bars, cafes and small shops. Some ferry companies, like Fred. Olsen Express also offers gluten-free, vegan, low-sodium, and vegetarian options.

  • vehicle handover

bring your ownvehicle on boardThis is one of the biggest advantages of traveling by ferry. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and if you have your vehicle with you you can easily explore the entire island. The price to transfer your car from mainland Spain to Tenerife is around200 €depending on the vehicle.

You can also bring one with you for maximum flexibilitycaravanwith you. Caravans are a great option for exploring the island. You can drive all day and camp comfortably under the stars at night!

  • WiFi and entertainment

Since the journey is quite long, you might want to watch your favorite series for the hundredth time; No problem! You can surf the internet comfortably on board all ferries to Tenerife. Most ferry companies offer a free serviceW-lanService.

You can connect your laptop or cell phone to any of the available onespoints of saleboth in your cabin and in the common areas.

  • luggage and pets

If you travel to Tenerife by ferry, you can take as much luggage as you want! Whether you want to be chic all the time or travel to Tenerife with water sportsequipmentyou can store your items safely in your vehicle. If you don't have a vehicle on board, you can always safely store your luggage in the luggage room.

When it comes toTraveling with your pet in Spain, there are several options to choose from: porters on board, specific rooms orPet Friendly Cabins!

Advice- If you are taking the ferry from Spain to the Canary Islands without a vehicle and wish to transport large items such as surfboards or fishing gear, please contact the ferry company for size and weight restrictions.

Ferries from Spain to Tenerife: routes and information | ferry (6)

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The coast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with its unique auditorium and the city's port

Where to book ferry tickets from mainland Spain to Tenerife?

So what do you think? Ready to conquer the Atlantic? At FerryhopperMap of the ferry, find all available ferry routes from mainland Spain to Tenerife and the Canary Islands. Find the best ferry connections, compare ferry companies and departure times to Tenerife andBook ferry tickets no additional costs.


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