How to Sell Homemade Food in Ohio (2023)

How to Sell Homemade Food in Ohio (1)

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Ohio Home Bakery Laws and Regulations: How to Sell Home Bakery Food in Ohio

Under the Ohio Home Bakery Act, there are certain types of low-risk baked goods that can be made and sold outside of the home kitchen with reduced (but not eliminated) inspection and licensing requirements. The home baking license allows you to bake potentially hazardous baked goods (which require refrigeration) in your own home.

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What foods fall under the Ohio Home Bakery regulations?

Only baked foods that are not potentially hazardous (according to Ohio State's definition, not your own definition) fall into the "home baking" category. Section 911 of the Ohio Administrative Code lists foods that are legal as home baked goods.

Approved Bakery Products

This list of approved products includes (but is not limited to) the following non-potentially hazardous baked goods

  • Cookies,
  • offense,
  • Cookies,
  • Cookies,
  • Fruitcake,
  • itp.

This also includes potentially hazardous baked goods that require refrigeration: Potentially hazardous foods mean that the food requires temperature control because it is in a form that can support the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxic microorganisms.

  • Cheesecake,
  • cream cakes,
  • cream cakes,
  • pumpkin pancakes,
  • itp.

This OSU extensions page explains in more detail.

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The definition:

  • „Heimbäckerei“according to Chapter 911 of the Revised Ohio State Code means: "Any person who owns or operates a home bakery having only one oven, in an oven of ordinary household kitchen design and in the home, used for baking baked goods for sale." "Home ' means the principal residence of the owner of a dwelling provided that there is only one cooker or oven in the dwelling, which may be a double oven, intended for communal domestic use and not for commercial use, and that the cooker or oven They can be served in a regular on-site kitchen.
  • „Dom“means the principal residence occupied by the owner of the dwelling provided there is only one stove or oven for cooking which may be a double oven intended for common domestic use and not for commercial purposes and the stove or Oven ready for use in an ordinary kitchen in a mansion.

If your food product doesn't meet the definition of Home Bakery or CottageFood, you can still produce it through a start-up and sell it commercially.This page describes the sale of food that does not meet the Home Bakery definition.

kitchen requirements

To be a home bakery, a home kitchen must have walls, ceilings, and floors that are in good condition, clean, and easy to clean.

  • The kitchen must not have a carpet floor.
  • The house must be pest-free. Pets are not allowed in the house.
  • The kitchen must be kept hygienic.
  • Equipment and utensils must be maintained and kept in good hygienic condition.
  • There must be a mechanical refrigerator equipped with a properly placed thermometer capable of maintaining a temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
  • If your home has a private well, it should be tested for coliform bacteria annually, with a negative result in the last year. Evidence of the Well-Test result must be presented to the food safety professional.
  • Food labels must be available for inspection during the inspection.

labeling requirements

“Domowa Piekarnia” is obliged to label all its food properly. This includes the following information on the label of each food unit offered for sale or distributed:

  • Identity Statement – ​​name of the food product
  • Net Content Quantity - Net Weight in both US and International systems
  • Ingredient List – ingredients of a food product listed in descending order of weight benefit
  • Disclaimer - Company Name and Address
  • Baked goods that require refrigeration must be labeled "Store in the refrigerator" or similar.
  • Note: For nutritional claims (e.g. low fat, no salt, etc.) or health claims (e.g. may prevent heart disease), the product must contain all required nutritional information in the form of a nutritional information panel. All label elements must comply with 21 CFR Part 101, Food Labeling. The FDA Food Labeling Guide is an excellent source of information on how to properly label food.

Where can Home Bakery Production Operations sell groceries?

Homemade baked goods may be sold if properly labelled

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  • Your home bakery (i.e. your home).
  • Super Market,
  • Super Market,
  • agricultural markets,
  • agricultural fair,
  • other retail stores.
  • Homemade bread products can also be served as part of the menu in restaurants.
  • Home bakeries can distribute their products outside of Ohio.

Please note that retail stores are subject to all applicable rules and regulations from local health authorities, local authorities and other authorities.

Other requirements:

  • License fee:Home Bakery's annual license fee is $10.
  • House inspection:Your eat-in kitchen needs to be inspected by the ODA, FS. During the inspection, the professional will also check the labels on your product. To arrange an inspection, please contact:
    ODA Food Safety Department; 1-800-282-1955 ext. 4366;
  • No animals:You are not allowed to have pets in the house and no carpet in the kitchen,
  • water supply:If you use a non-municipal water supply, you must have your water tested within the last 12 months and demonstrate that your water is free of Total Coli.
  • Thermometer:You need an accurate thermometer in the fridge that shows the fridge can store the product at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below.


In addition to the requirements, your common sense, best practices, and limitation of liability suggest that you should do the following.


takePurchase the ServSafe® Training Classes for Managers and Employees, 7th Edition companion book for this course here..


It is best to use a pH meter that has been properly calibrated on the day of application.I use it, it's reliable and inexpensive.
Short-range paper pH test strips, commonly known as litmus paperscan be used instead if the product typically has a pH of 4.0 or lower and the pH range of the paper is around 4.6.

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It is recommended that records be kept

Maintain written records of each batch of product intended for sale, including:

  • Recipe with procedure and ingredients
  • Lot canned and sold
  • baking date
  • Sale dates and locations
  • gross sales
  • Results of any pH test

sanitary equipment

Although inspections are not required, consider the following:

  • Use clean equipment that has been thoroughly disinfected before use
  • Clean work surfaces and disinfect with bleach water before and after use
  • Store ingredients separately from other unprocessed foods
  • Keep pets away from the work area
  • Keep walls and floors clean
  • Make sure you have the right lighting
  • Keep mosquito nets on windows and doors in good condition to prevent insects from entering
  • Wash your hands frequently while working
  • If you use a private well, you should consider an annual water test

Questions? Contact the ODA Food Safety Department:

1-800-282-1955 extension 4366

Request an appointmentby email

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More information

  • Find your local health department on the websiteOhio Department of Health websiteThen enter your address and you will be given the contact details of your local health department.
  • Home bakery fact sheet in PDF format
  • Click here to download a PDF brochure explaining the Ohio Cottage Food Policy
  • Further information on this can also be found hereOhioHome Bakery website.
  • Ohio State University Extension: Ohio Home Food Regulations, WHAT COUNTS AS AN INOHIO FOOD PRODUCT?Catharine Daniels, Attorney, OSUE Farm Law and Resources Program


Can I make food at home and sell it in Ohio? ›

Cottage Food Products may only be sold in Ohio. Cottage Food Products that are properly identified and labeled may be sold directly to the consumer from the home where the products are produced.

What do I need to sell food from home in Ohio? ›

Getting Started in Ohio

Although the state's cottage food law doesn't impose any regulatory burdens, anyone who wants to sell items that fall under the Home Bakery Law are required to get a Home Bakery License and undergo a kitchen inspection.

What do I need to sell food on the street in Ohio? ›

A mobile food license is issued to a moveable structure which must change locations at least once every 40 (forty) days. This license is valid anywhere within the state of Ohio (as long as local regulations are followed), and expires on March 1.

Can I sell homemade BBQ sauce in Ohio? ›

Specifically, salsas, BBQ sauces, and canned vegetables must be produced in a licensed cannery facility. Licensing information for these types of food products is available on the Ohio Department of Agriculture's website.

How much is a food license in Ohio? ›

How much does a food service license cost in Ohio? Ohio state law requires that the test and license not cost more than $15, in order to make sure anyone working in a restaurant can afford to get certified.

Can I cook meals at home and sell? ›

So long as your homeowner's association and zoning laws permit you, you can begin selling home cooked food to the public. Like any small business, appropriate planning, technology and marketing is required in order to grow a successful home business.

How do I start a small food business in Ohio? ›

Licenses and Permits Required to Open a Restaurant in Ohio
  1. Business License.
  2. Certificate of Occupancy.
  3. Food Handler's License, also known as Food Service License.
  4. Seller's Permit.
  5. Liquor License Permit.
  6. Catering Business License.
  7. Food Facility Health Permit.
  8. Employee Health Permit.

How do I get a transient vendor's license in Ohio? ›

"Transient" License

The fee for the Transient Vendors License is $25. An application for a "Transient" vendors license may be obtained from the County Auditor's office to be mailed to the State. Download an Application (PDF), or on line at Ohio Business Gateway.

Do you need a license to sell produce in Ohio? ›

Many market vendors may know that traditional market items like fresh fruits and vegetables do not require a vendor's license or the collection of sales tax.

Do food trucks need vendors license in Ohio? ›

Food truck vendors need to file only for a Mobile Food Vehicle Vending License. Some food trucks are also required to have a Food Service Permit issued by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, click here for information on state requirements.

What do I need for a food truck in Ohio? ›

In addition to your business license, you will also need to secure a food permit. After all, a food truck without grub is just a truck. The cost of food permits throughout Ohio will vary depending on the city but budget a couple of hundred dollars to cover the expenses.

What are the rules for food truck in Ohio? ›

Starting a Food Truck Checklist

In order to be compliant with local laws, food trucks in Ohio will need to get many of the same permits as restaurants, including a business license, food handlers permits for every employee, and a seller's permit.

How do I get a catering license in Ohio? ›

In order to obtain a business license for your catering business in Ohio, you must first register your business with the Ohio Secretary of State. You can do this online, by mail, or in person. The filing fee is $99.

Is it possible to cook food at home and sell in New York? ›

Selling Home Made Foods

If you plan to prepare and sell foods and are not eligible for a Home Processor exemption, you will need to obtain a Food Service Establishment permit from your local health department. Your home kitchen cannot be used, however a separate kitchen located in your residence may be acceptable.

Can you make food at home and sell it in PA? ›

Pennsylvania cottage food venues

They can sell their products online, at home, and across state lines. They even can sell their products in retail outlets. Some states impose annual sales limits, but cottage food producers in Pennsylvania can sell as much as they want.


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