How to watch Love Island UK season 9 in Canada on ITV [2023] (2023)

you are wondering wherewatch Love Island UK season 9 online in Canadaif you live in Canada? Love Island UK season 9 release date onITV2 is on January 16th, but if you are not within the platform's broadcast area, you will not be able to see it. if you are tryingwatch ITV in Canada, a premium VPN service likeExpressVPNit will be helpful.

The reality competition series Love Island spawnedlocalized adaptations in 18 different countries. Unfortunately, Love Island UK isrestricted to specific regionsdue to license issues. So, for example, you might be wonderinghow to watch Love Island UK 2023 in Canada. It's easy to fix this problem and watch season 9 of Love Island UK in Canada using aVPN premium.

You can easily see theLove Island UK Season 9 episodesyou want todownload a VPN and connect to a server in one countrywhere it is available. In addition to allowing access to content that is normally blocked in the destination country, a VPN improves your online security by encrypting your data.

Find out which VPNs work best and are available on the most used devices with the help of this guide. Read on to find out everything you need to know aboutwhere to watch Love Island UK 2023ygrab love by the horns.

How to watch Love Island UK season 9 in Canada [Easy Steps]

With just a few simple steps, you canwatch Love Island ITV series online in Canada:

  • sign aReliable VPNasExpressVPN
  • Next,download and installthe VPN app on your device
  • You will be asked to choose a server from the available list.
  • Select oneUK based server. (Recommended: Dockland)
  • Visite aITV official websiteor download the ITV app
  • Cheers!now you can lookLove Island UK season 9 2023 online free!

Watch Love Island UK Season 9 Online in Canada

Where can I watch Love Island UK Season 9 in Canada?

If you are wondering where can I seeSeason 9: Winter Love Island UK, you can put your worries aside. Love Island UK season 9 will be available forwatch on ITV2 and ITVX from 16th Januaryadvance. You can also watch previous seasons of Love Island UK 2022 on it.

Here it is! Now you knowwhere to watch Love Island UK 2023.

When will Love Island UK season 9 be released on ITV2?

The first episode of the series will air on ITV2 in the UK inJanuary 16, 2023. It will then be available on Hulu in the US after airing for a total of two weeks. As the service is geographically restricted due to license restrictions, you will need to useExpressVPNto watch Season 9: Winter Love Island.

Who is the cast of Love Island UK season 9?

these yearsLove Island UK season 9 competitorsthey are exciting. After the previous season ended, the producers were looking for couples with young and attractive men and women among the18 and 34 years oldto participate inLove Island UK season 9.

Let's meet Islanders Love Island UK series 9:

ParticipantAgecompete ofoccupation
olivia hawkins27 yearsBrightonActress
asked feathers22 yearsLiverpoolstudent/influencer
daniel revan26 yearsNorth LondonStylist
Lana Jenkins25 yearsLutonmakeup artist
Anna May Robey20 yearsSwanseapayroll administrator
Kai Fagan24 yearsManchesterPhysical education teacher
rum room25 yearsEssexFinancial advisor
Shaq Muhammad24 yearsLondonairport security
will be young23 yearsBuckinghamshireFarmer
harris namani21 yearsDoncastertv salesman

Who are the Love Island UK season 9 couples after their reunion in episode 11?

At the end of episode 10, the islanders are having a '90s party and everyone seems to be having a good time when they receive a text message announcing a new wedding. However, there are two new Bombshells that appear before they team up, so I'm wondering.

Who will be together in Love Island Season 9, Episode 11?

💞Ellie e Ron

💞Spencer e Olivia

💞 Ask Shaq

💞Kai and Tanyel

💞Will e Jessie

💞Hope Aaron

💞Tom and Zara

Who has been dropped from Love Island UK season 9 so far?

David, an Essex financial planner, had promised to bring“nothing but good vibes”to the village, but was unfortunately eliminated in the first round of the competition before he had a chance. The other abandoned competitors are:

  • Harris (Abandoned on Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 10)
  • Anna-May (Abandoned on Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 10)
  • David Salako (Abandoned on Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 5)

Where will Love Island UK season 9 be filmed?

You wouldn't be crazy to assume that ski jackets and snow boots can replace bikinis and flip flops for Love Island UK's winter season.

However, the winter series will again be held inCape Town, South Africa,where January temperatures usually average84 °F/29 °C.

The winter season of Love Island, according to executive producer Mike Spencer, will take place in a“beautiful new village.”

Who will host Love Island UK Season 9?

favorite to host love island UK 2023

The ninth season of Love Island will be presented byjama virtualin the upcoming final season. Maya Jama replaces Laura Whitmore, who stepped down as presenter earlier this year. Are you excited like us? Let's see how this season of Love Island UK with Maya Jama goes.

Since the conclusion of season 8 of Love Island UK, whenLaura Whitmore resignedAs of her role as hostess, there has been a lot of speculation about who will replace her.Love Island United Kingdom is the new host jama virtualit's been a long time favourite.

How many episodes does Love Island UK season 9 have?

The number of episodes ofLove Island UK Season 9ITV haven't revealed it, but you can count on it for eight weeks. there would be around48 episodes of season 9 of Love Island UK in 2023as episodes of the show air every day except Saturday.


Love Island UK Season 9 – Full Weekly Review

Week 1:(Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 1-Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 6)
  • Before Maya made her first appearance in the village to discuss the boys' dating preferences, the show started by letting the boys run wild through the village.
  • So when the girls entered one at a time, Tanya Mahenga was paired with Shaq, Anna-May Robey selected Kai Fagan, and Lana Jenkins selected Ron Hall.
  • Afterwards, the islanders engaged in a game of dares, which began with Farmer Will Young showing off his dancing talent, Tom kissing three women, and Will massaging Olivia Hawkins' feet, which were undoubtedly much hotter. you're used to.
  • It wasn't long before Ron and Tanya, who had been invited by Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown and David Salako, made their recognizable "I got a message!" noise.
  • Ron claimed to still be interested in Lana, but later admitted that Zara meets all of his criteria. Could this be Love Island's first love triangle?
  • Ron had feelings for Zara, and although he was initially intrigued and eager to meet her, a few days of talking convinced him that Lana was the one for him.
  • After couples strive to conquer the country and steal hearts, one couple will finally succeed and be called the winner of Love Island.
Week 2:(Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 7-Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 12)
  • After the heated reunion on Friday, the program continued with the participants. Shaq Muhammad told Tanya Mahenga that he was glad she chose him over David and that he could see that their relationship would last despite only knowing her for a week.
  • In episode 8, the two Aussie bombshells were given dates where Zara and Olivia engaged in a battle over Tom.
  • By episode 9, people were turning heads, hugging each other and voting for who they wanted to stay in the village.
  • There was a party, a reunion, the sinking of two islanders and the arrival of two more bombing raids.
  • New faces don't hesitate to leave their mark on the village.
  • Even though the second week of Love Island 2023 is coming to an end, the drama seems to be just getting started. On Wednesday night's show, Olivia Hawkins and Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown reignited their ongoing argument.

What is the main change in season 9 of Love Island UK?

According to the producer, Love Island UK season 9 in the upcoming 9th season of Love Island UKthey will not be allowed to use their social media accountsduring filming.

Is there a Love Island UK season 9 trailer?

A full trailer for season 9 of Love Island UK has yet to be released, but a trailer for Love Island UK 2023 has just been made available to the public.

Watch Love Island UK Season 9 in Canada with ExpressVPN

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN for Watching Love Island UK Season 9 in Canada

Hebest vpnto watch season 9 of Love Island in Canada is ExpressVPN due to its accessibilityITV and a wide range of global server locations.

also theGuaranteed ultra-fast connectionsthat you won't have any problemslatency or bufferingwhile watchingLove Island UK Season 9 episodes.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to Watch Love Island UK Season 9 in Canada

Watch Love Island UK Season 9 with ExpressVPN

If you want to watch Season 9 of Love Island UK on ITV in Canada but can't afford a subscription, ExpressVPN is your best and most reliable option. ExpressVPN's unprecedented speed and ability to bypass geo-restrictions sets it apart from the competition. ExpressVPN download speed on a 100 Mbps connection was89,42Mbps, and your upload speed was84,64Mbps.

Watch all episodes of season 9 of Love Island UK in Canada with such speed

we use aserver in docklandsverITV programs in Canadano problem. Docklands and East London were clear winners in our tests, so we recommend them as the best servers. We also tested the speed of other ExpressVPN servers and found the Wembley server to be the slowest.

media streameris a fantastic DNS tool included in ExpressVPN that will unblock region-locked content on ITV Hub such asinterview with prince harry,Maternal, youFamily Bunch on ITV. ITV can be watched online on non-Windows, Linux and Mac devices in Canada with the help of the MediaStreamer app. Plus, it works with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, and game consoles like Xbox.

ExpressVPN has more3000servers in more than94different countries. He has4 UK server locations, so you can see awesome content likeTrue Season 12in high definition. if you are experiencingproblems accessing ITV Hub when using a VPN, we recommend switching to a service like Manchester.

The best part is that you can have5 connections at the same timeand comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On an annual subscription, ExpressVPN costs onlyCA$8.95/month ($6.67/month) (Get 49% off + 3 months FREE on your 12-month plan). Tem256 bit encryption, so your online activities are also safe.

Watch Love Island UK Season 9 with ExpressVPN

On what other platforms can I watch Love Island UK season 9?

You can go to Britbox, 9Now, ITV Hub, ITV Hub Plus and Hulu to watch season 9 of Love Island UK. Most Love Island UK streaming platforms have all seasons of the show available in their on-demand content libraries.

This suggests that by simply logging into your account on ITV, ITV Hub Plus BritBox or Hulu, you can access every episode that has ever aired.

Is anyone from Love Island UK 2022 series 8 still together?

Another big hit from ITV2 was Love Island 2022. Once the competition is over and you still collect the prize money, it becomes difficult to maintain the ties. These people have so far remained faithful to their obligations:

  • Davide Sanclimenti from Ekin-His Culture
  • Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack
  • Andrew Le Page e Tasha Ghouri

What happened in Love Island UK Season 9 Episode 16?

Fans of the show dubbed Love Island's Tom Clare as"dramatic"after he dropped his jacket on the floor after arguing with Zara Lackenby-Brown.

Islanders were quite upset with the 23-year-old after Zara told Olivia Hawkins that Tom hadkissed the new bombshell Ellie Spencedespite having expressed an interest in Olivia.

When Liv found out the truth, she was furious before confronting Tom and breaking down in tears. Ellie also talked to Tom about this, but was unimpressed with his lackluster response, as he would say, "I don't know."

Zara, Tom's current lover, released all her anger. However, the fans' reaction was something really opposite, they say we found exactly the entertainment that was missing from the show :D.

Tom throwing away his jacket is still killing me 😭😭 HOW are you not embarrassed#love Island #HABLACONASH

-Maddie' (@03683m)January 31, 2023

Love Island UK season 9 is now airing on ITV2 and available to watchITVX.You will need a VPN to watch season 9 of Love Island UK in Canada.

Watch Love Island UK Season 9 Online in Canada

common questions

You will be able to stream Love Island UK season 9 on ITV and the ITV Hub.

ITV Hub is the best way to stream Love Island UK in Canada. However, you may need a VPN because ITV is a geo-restricted streaming service.

If you live abroad (in Canada), you will not be able to watch Love Island UK without a VPN due to ITV UK license restrictions.

So you might be tempted to watch Love Island UK with a free VPN. However, we strongly suggest that you do not, and we recommend that you simply signExpressVPN. Download the VPN app to your device and install it. Now you will be able to watch Love Island UK without paying a penny by connecting to a UK server.

To involve

You can still track results from the previous season if you like. So grab your popcorn and watch the entire final season to find out who won Love Island 2022. Finalist couple from Love Island UK,Gem and LucasThey recently confirmed their split, much to the disappointment of their fans.

Content from ITV and other similar services is geo-blocked if you are in Canada. If you live abroad and want towatch season 9 of Love Island UK online, you will need a VPN. a service likeExpressVPNit's a great choice.

Come on, take love to the horns this season! Enjoy your streaming experience!

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