Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (2023)

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (1)


dear islandThe 2016 series was the second after the seriesReboot 2015, and many praised it as one of the best. In many ways it was a simpler time - nobody was really aware of the dizzying heightsdear islandwould come one day, and everything looked a lot less polished.

It should be noted that the dating show has been far more successful in the love department, too, considering two couples from the 2016 series have already made it down the aisle.

Unfortunately, one of the islanders passed away in 2016; Sophie Gradon, who was in the original cast,died at the age of 32in June 2018. Co-stars including Malin Andersson, Katie Salmon, Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen paid tribute.

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Terry Walsh

It's fair to say that Terry was behind some of the most talked about momentsdear island2016.

After attracting attention with his arrival in the village, he finally decided to mate with Malin and at first the couple seemed very much loved.

But when she was sent home in a show twist, Terry finally hooked up with Emma-Jane Woodham.just 24 hours later. And to add even more punch, it was Malinwatch every secondof everything in your living room at home.

Shecame back to confront Terryabout his behavior but he wasn't that apologetic. After the show ended, Terry and Emma continued their relationship but eventually decided to break up.

Even though he's such an important part of youdear islandTerry seems to have avoided the spotlight on the series - he even deleted his social media accounts (as far as we can tell).

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Liana Isadora Van Riel

ÖBomb 2016left us all banging our fists as she interrupted some seriously sexist "boy pranks" around the mansion. After overhearing one of the guys say they were, um, "fucking her and throwing her," she defended herself - even pointing out that an apology should be forthcoming before discussing a snack-a- Jack made fun of. yes girl

After the show, Liana shared a brunette transformation on Instagram but now seems to be avoiding public attention by making her account private.

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Kady McDermott

As far as this humble writer is concerned, Kady will fall for itdear islandhistory as one of the funniest islanders to ever grace our screens.

These days, Kady McDermott is a full-fledged reality TV star who has also appeared inThe only way is via Essex(with new boyfriend Myles Barnett) Eyour face or mine. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Kady also owns a beauty brand, a fitness brand and also posts regularly about fashion.

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Hoyde's face

Cara and Nathan (more about him later) got married on their first dayisland of loved villa, and they stayed together until the end. Oh, and they won the show too. Discuss the couple's goals.

In the following years they appeared again on the ITVBe reality show.The only way is via Essex.

In 2017, it was announced that Cara was expecting her first baby, although the news was confused by the fact that they weren't actually dating at the time. The couple stayed close and eventually got back together — and congratulations on definitely considering itthey just got married.

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Olivia Buckland

Liv is on timedear islandit started out a bit bumpy. She didn't really find a connection, and when she dropped a bombshell on the arrival of Terry Walsh, hefinally decided on her best friend Malin Anderssoninstead of.

It wasn't until Alex Bowen appeared a little later in the series that Olivia found herself in a romantic couple. Despite the fact that many questioned how solid they were — which wasn't helped by that tiresome lie detector task — they made it to the end and are still very much together today.

In fact, after getting married in September 2018, Olivia is now a Bowen — making her the firstdear islandjust Married. And the happy couple toobagged your own reality showcom TLC,Olivia and Alex said yes.

In addition to co-owning a fashion and swimwear line, Olivia is also a brand ambassador for W7 Cosmetics, Cocoa Brown Tan, Skin Republic & Batiste.

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Alex Bowen

As one of 2016's latecomers, Alex definitely made a lasting impression (you don't need to remind us, I'm surethat hidden moment?) during your time at the villa.

As we said beforeAlex and Olivia are now husband and wifeand are one of the most successful couples to ever emerge from reality TV dating.

With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Alex is a fitness ambassador and co-owner (alongside Olivia) of a fashion brand called the Exempt Society.

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Scott Thomas

Despite fighting more than one could shake a grumpy cat, Scott and hisdear islandPartner Kady McDermott became one of the most unexpected power couples of the series - she even finished third in the finals.

For a time, the duo in Blighty were fine, but after a few months of speculation, they finally announced their split in December 2017.

Scott is still the director of Manchester-based PR agency The Social PR and continues to share his collaborations and events with his Instagram followers.

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Javi Shepherd

The firstdear islandCandidate to go home in 2016, poor Javi didn't stand much of a chance of making a difference. However, he branded Daniel "creepy" and a "scaly, serpentine dragon".in the moments after his departure.

According to Instagram, Javi has now found great love away from the show.

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Nathan Massey

Cara and Nathan aredear islandWinners stay strong - but not withouttheir rocky spots.

Discussing their previous and brief breakup, Nathan confessed that he needed this time to "grow up" a little. "That time apart was the best thing we've ever done," he added during an interview withOK!.

He asked Cara the question in the same place they met - yes, that's right,to the Love Island villa- and, now married, hope to expand the family with more children.

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Emma Jane Woodham

Accidentally dragged into the show's most explosive storyline, Emma's relationship with Terry was never going to be easy.

She and Malin appeared to have put all the drama behind them at the wrap party, but her romance with Terry ended about six months into their marriage.dear islandthe cameras stopped rolling.

It's 2019 and Emma has moved on - she has a child and a new relationship.

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Rykard Jenkins

Rykard produced one of the biggest sighsdear islandMoments when he gave up following his girlfriend Rachel Fenton to the beach and into the sunset. The duo appeared to be going strong away from the villa for some time, but fans were devastated when they officially announced their split in December 2017 (although Ry' did tell his Instagram followers they'd been splitting up "for a while") had time “ until here).

he appeared in itWeekends in Ibizasixth grade and also appeared inOnly tattoo by us.

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Rachel Fenton

It was Rachel who first broke the news that she and her former roommate Rykard had split, saying on Twitter: "Rykard and I are no longer together. We have decided to go our separate ways, but I wish him the best. more success with your future."

Rachel was a nurse before entering the mansion and appears to have kept her job. She regularly posts on Instagram about the NHS and draws attention to the campaigns. Rachel also appears to be in a new relationship.

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malin andersson

Though Malin was sent home - almost halfway through - on the 25th, Malin remained one of the show's biggest themes thanks to Terry Walsh, who "betrayed" her while watching from home. Brutally.

Since the show, Malinhad a hard time. She's also become something of a mouthpiece when it comes to itmental health problemson the reality show and used her platform to promote wellness and self-love.

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Tom Powell

The 2016 Islander fell in love with Sophie Gradon during her time on the show, but the couple eventually split outwardly.

Now owning a brand, he shares fitness tips with his followers on Instagram and appears at industry events and movie premieres. He also recently appeared on MTVOnly we tattoo.

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Adam Maxted

Poor Adam never had a chance to settle into a couple, he brought five girls together before finishing fourth with Katie Salmon. The pair became the first of recent couples to split after leaving the villa and it's all been a bit wild, to be honest.

In one of the mostAlways bizarre breakup announcements, Adam took to Twitter to compare Katie to... a shawarma. He wrote, "It's like eating a kebab after a long night and the first bites are good, but then you realize it's not good at all!"

Katie couldn't resist and replied: "It's like getting stockings for Christmas. Convenient but boring.”

Fast forward to 2019, Adam is deeply in love with a new girl and continues to train and compete in wrestling.

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Kate Salmon

While Katie only made it to fourth place with Adam, she really nailed it.dear islandhistory is partthe first same-sex couple in the seriesincluding sheet by Sophie Gradon.

Nowadays, Katie is still very active on Instagram, speaking about sexuality, feminism and posting brand collaborations. #spon

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Zara Netherlands

Probably one of the meme contestants of the year, everyone knew her as "Miss GB" for telling everyone about her title (no judgment here, we'd be pretty proud of the achievement too).

Unfortunately for ZaraHer crown was takenof her as she approached another islander in hiding. The whole thing sparked a big debate about sexism and double standards, and viewers eventually joined in.

Zara owns her own clothing brand, Mimi Boutique, which she runs with her mother, Cheryl. she also hasspoken against the showus in the last few months

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Daniel Lukakis

You may have forgotten, but Daniel was the first to date Olivia Buckland — although it really didn't go anywhere. He spent most of his time on the show saying he wanted to "meet" people, something that has since become a buzzword around the villa.

He now co-owns clothing brand BAA Clothing and shares fashion, fitness and food-related posts on Instagram. Daniel appears to have found love outside of the show as well.

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