Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (2023)

Let's be honest, year after year we're guilty of calling the latest serieslove island'our favorite series so far', but we're totally lying. As much as we love a new batch of scorching beauties under the Mallorcan sun and enjoy every series, an elite series reigns supreme and has yet to be beaten. Of course, we're talking about the Love Island 2 series from 2016. That's not up for debate by the way; unless you're fighting the Love Island 2019 finalist corner, in which case we're willing to listen, but unlikely to be convinced.

Series 2 gave us people like Alex Bowen (of massive feather), Olivia Buckland, Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, and let's face it, it was all a little less fabricated and produced and as such a little wilder. It felt like Love Island, but it felt like Big Brother; These days, Love Island looks like Love Island with the best angles, the best filters, and as much diversity as you'll find in a bag of Milky Buttons. We still love each other, it's not the same, is it?

After an AF drama series in which Zara lost her Miss Great Britain crown for having sex on TV, Cara and Nathan were crowned the winners. Let's take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the cast.

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Cast of Love Island 2016

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (1)

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Zara Holland: joined on day 1, unsubscribed on day 22

Zara entered the village on day one, as one of five OG girls and was originally teamed up with Scott Thomas before trading her for bombshell Kady McDermott. Then she Zara teamed up with Daniel Lukakis and Adam Maxted before leaving the villa on the 22nd.

Zara left the show after finding out her mother had been hospitalized just days after losing the Miss GB title for having sex with Alex Bowen. At the time, he said: "I'm very sad to be leaving town, but it's important for me to get home and spend time with my mother as she recovers. I had a great time on Love Island and I'd love to thank everyone, my compatriots islanders and the production team for all their support.”

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Zara Holland - where is she now?

Today, Zara has her own boutique called Mimi Boutique. Zara announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Elliot Love, shortly after he popped the question of her during a romantic trip to Dubai earlier this year. Elliot reportedly got down on one knee and proposed to Zara when they traveled to the United Arab Emirates in January and the couple threw a swanky engagement party to celebrate with her loved ones in February 2022.

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Malin Andersson - joined on day 1, evicted on day 25

Malin Andersson walked into the makeup villa, making it clear from day one that she was looking for a "man, not a boy." She starred in ITV's Take Me Out four years before Love Island, but she kept turning off the light because she was "too picky". After meeting with Terry Walsh, Malin was evicted from the island. She then dramatically returned to confront Terry after he hooked up with Emma Jane Woodhams. What time.

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Malin Andersson, where is she now?

In June 2018, The Sun Online revealed that Malin was expecting a baby with Tom Kemp. On New Year's Day 2019, Malin revealed that she had sadly given birth to her daughter prematurely from her. Malin became a motivational speaker and launched a self-help book and her own podcast. In 2022, Malin took to Instagram to share the exciting news that she and her partner welcomed a daughter named Xaya.

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Cara De La Hoyde - Day 1 Entry, WINNER (Day 45)

Before entering and winning Love Island, Cara was an international circus performer. Cara was teamed with Nathan Massey on day one and they stayed together until they were crowned winners of the second season. This was a true love story on Love Island.

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Cara De La Hoyde - Where is she now?

Cara and Nathan came out as a couple, but in April 2017 the couple broke up. They got back together after Cara became pregnant with their first child, Freddie, and married in the summer of 2019. They welcomed their second child, Delilah, in 2020. These days, the icons are together and stronger. never. and Cara is living the best life of hers. . She is also the co-owner of Embroidery By FJ.

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Sophie Gradon - joined on day 1, left on day 39

Before taking part in Love Island 2016, Sophie won the Miss Great Britain title in 2009. She was joined by Tom Powell and Katie Salmon after he left. Sophie ended up leaving the show to be with Tom after hooking up with Katie Salmon. She was the first LGBTQ+ contestant on the show. Tragically, Sophie passed away at her parents' home on June 20, 2018 at the age of 32. Upon investigation, it was discovered that she had died after taking her own life.

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Olivia Buckland - First Day Entry, Runner Up

Olivia joined Alex Bowen on the show (after the Zara incident) and they came second on the show to Cara and Nathan.

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Olivia Buckland, where is she now?

Well, for starters, her name is now Olivia Bowen. Olivia and Alex are the definition of relationship goals as they have becomethe first couple in the series to get married. In December 2016, Alex and Olivia went to New York for Olivia's birthday in January. On December 31, Alex surprised Olivia andhe proposed marriageas a serious commitment to her. And they celebrated the New Year as betrothed to each other. Nearly two years after getting engaged, the couple gotmarriedin September 2018 and launched her own TV series on TLC calledOlivia and Alex: Happily Ever After, after releasing a one-off special Olivia and Alex Said Yes in 2018. In June 2022, they welcomed their first child into the world.

Professional Olivia is keeping busy renovating her beautiful home and sharing photos at @thebowenhome on Instagram. She also has an equestrian Instagram account, featuring her horse, Dolly. She also launched a real estate empire with Alex. In short: she's in charge.

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Scott Thomas – Day 1 Entry, 3rd PLACE

Scott's brothers, Adam and Ryan Thomas, are huge soap opera stars, so Scott was cast on Love Island to "make it his own." He was partnered with Kady McDermott on the show, but the duo broke up in 2017.

Scott Thomas, where is he now?

These days, Scott is acknowledging his 'zaddy' status, as well as running a life as director of the public relations firm, The Social PR, and co-founder of the health brand, Food4Thoughts. He also has a podcast called Learning As I Go. He is now working on a career as a presenter.

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Tom Powell – Enrolled on Day 1, FIRED on Day 33

Tom Powell joined Sophie Gradon on the show but was kicked off the island on the 33rd. Poor Tom.

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CREDIT: Instagram/iamthomaspowell

Tom Powell, where is he now?

Today Tom is a successful lifestyle coach and bodybuilder. In April 2022, Love Island 2016 took to social media to share a video of himself undergoing open chest surgery. Always oversharing, Tom went live (a full hour and sixteen minutes) of himself having gyno removal surgery.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (14)

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Nathan Massey – First Day Entry, WINNER

Nathan Massey, a carpenter from Essex, entered the village on Day 1 and was crowned the winner along with his now wife Cara De La Hoyde on Day 45.

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Nathan Massey, where is he now?

Nathan married and had two children with his Queen of Love Island (and ours), Cara De La Hoyde. These days, Nathan is a powerhouse, an on-and-off carpenter, and the loveliest dad. He is also an avid golfer.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (16)

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Rykard Jenkins – joined on day one, left on day 15

Personal trainer and esthetician Rykard Jenkins left the show after Rachel Felton, to whom he was previously married, was eliminated.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (17)

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Rykard Jenkins, where is he now?

In 2017, Rykard starred in season 6 of Ibiza Weekender. He is now an aesthetic doctor and director of the rejuvenation clinic.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (18)

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Kady McDermott – Entered on Day 3, 3rd PLACE

Kady walked into the villa on the third day like a bomb. She made it to the Love Island finale alongside her now-ex-boyfriend Scott Thomas.

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Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (19)

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Kady McDermott: where is she now?

Since Love Island, Kady has held her own in the world of reality TV, having enjoyeda pass through TOWIE. She also dated the TOWIE star.Myles Barnet. The couple bought a house together and sparked engagement rumors earlierannouncing their separationafter dating on and off since 2019. These days, she's keeping busy as a model and influencer.

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Adam Maxted - entered on the 11th, 4th PLACE

Adam entered the village as a 24 year old personal trainer from Belfast. He stormed into the village on the 11th and reached the final with Katie Salmon. He was known for his feuds with love interests Katie Salmon and Liana Isadora Van Riel.

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Alex Maxted, where is he now?

Alex and Katie parted ways almost immediately after leaving the villa. Adam is still as HENCH as ever, but now he's a silver fox. Adam is now a professional wrestler and has a heavy focus on fitness and bodybuilding.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (22)

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Katie Salmon – entered on day 34, 4th PLACE

Katie entered the villa a month after the show (34 days to be precise). During her time on Love Island, she made history with Sophie Gradon when they got together and became the first same-sex couple. However, when Sophie decided to leave the show, Katie decided to get back together with Adam Maxted and the duo placed fourth.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (23)

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Katie Salmon, where is she now?

Katie separated from Alex almost immediately after leaving the Love Island villa. Katie and Adam ended up breaking up two weeks after they got back to civilization. Since then, Katie has dated Danielle Whittaker, but the two split months later. Katie is often seen partying in Ibiza and loves to show off her enviable figure in skimpy bikinis on Instagram. She nowadays she is earning money on OnlyFans.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (24)

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Emma Jane Woodham – joined on 27, LEFT on 41

Emma-Jayne joined the village during Week 3, just two days after Malin Andersson was kicked off the show and was immediately joined by Terry Walsh. Despite Malin warning Terry that Emma-Jayne was "masturbating him and playing a big game", they had sex on the TOP of the covers and left the villa together in a relationship.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (25)

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CREDIT: Instagram/emmajwoodhams

Emma Jane Woodham, where is she now?

Eight months after her ITV spell, Emma-Jayne and Terry have broken up, but Tez insisted they were "good friends". Five months after her split, Emma-Jayne reunited with her ex-boyfriend Jordan Bye and revealed that they were expecting her first child together. Unfortunately, things didn't last and weeks after welcoming her baby girl Alfie into the world, Emma-Jayne announced that she had parted ways with her baby's daddy. Now, she Emma-Jayne has a new boyfriend, who she seems to be very much in love with.

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Terry Walsh - entered 3rd, FIRED 41st

Terry joined the original Islanders on day three and hit it off with Malin. Despite her ups and downs, Malin thought she would last, but two days after she was kicked out of the villa, she moved into Emma-Jayne... Some of the girls called Terry (Malin, who re-entered the villa to confront also criticized him), but that did not stop their new relationship. Before leaving the show, Terry and Emma had sex on TV and in front of their fellow islanders who were awake. Because that's how it did in 2016.

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Terry Walsh, where is he now?

Terry and Emma-Jayne's relationship lasted eight months, which is pretty long compared to some ofLove Island 2018 couple relationships. After the split, Terry seems to have stuck to her exercise routine. He shares a daughter, named Talia Rene Rose, with his partner, Danielle Purdy.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (28)

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Adam Jukes - Joined 34, FIRED 41

Before moving to Love Island in 2016, Adam Jukes was a recruitment consultant. He started the show on good terms because the viewers voted for him to the villa. While he was there, he hooked up with Lauren Whiteside, but things ended shortly after they left the show. He is currently expecting a baby with his partner Megan and recently announced that he is teetotaler.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (29)

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Lauren Whiteside – Joined 37, LEFT 41

Lauren Whiteside joined the villa on Day 37, literally five weeks later, and was joined by Adam Jukes. Unfortunately, things didn't last long between the two and they broke up shortly after leaving the villa.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (30)

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Lauren Whiteside, where is she now?

After her stint on Love Island in 2016, Lauren traveled and shared tons of photos from her time abroad on Instagram. She is also in a relationship and has shared photos with her partner on social media, whom she married in 2022.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (31)

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Tina Stinnes – Joined on 20, FAREWELL on 40

Tina walked into the villa and after asking Scott Thomas out on a date, she instantly got on the wrong side of Kady McDermott, who yelled at her (as she left for her date): "You're an idiot and your dress is SHIT!" Tina switched to Adam Maxted, but during a rematch he chose Katie Salmon over her and it was the end of the road for Tina.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (32)

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Tina Stinnes, where is she now?

Since leaving Love Island, Tina has returned to Made in Chelsea (she starred in the show in season seven and dated Spencer Matthews) and started seeing Alik Alfus. She later dated soccer player Marouane Fellaini and Jackson Mawhinney. She is the co-founder of the sustainable swimwear brand Liter.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (33)

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Oliver Maxwell Fernandez – entered on the 30th, DISMISSED on the 31st (ai)

It's been literally years and we're still devastated we only have 24 hours with this pile of parts. Poor Oliver only stayed in the villa for a day after not being able to marry anyone.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (34)

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Oliver Maxwell Fernandez, where is he now?

Fortunately, the model has a public Instagram account. Follow him right away - you will thank him for getting to Love Islands.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (35)

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James Khan - entered on day 18, CLEAR on day 20

James was only on the show for a few days, but after Kady McDermott turned him down, his time on the ITV reality show ended quickly.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (36)
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James Khan, where is he now?

He may only have been on the show for a week, but James has over 152,000 followers on Instagram, which is a lot considering he was on the show in 2016. He regularly posts topless photos, shares his plans of fitness and diet and has only one fan page. From the looks of your Linktree, he's been keeping himself very busy.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (37)

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Rachel Fenton – Joined on the 7th, FAREWELL on the 15th

Rachel joined the village on the seventh day and fell in love with Rykard Jenkins, but became devoted when Caroline Flack revealed that he was "intimate" with Olivia Buckland the day AFTER they passed the hideout. Despite the slight hiccup in their relationship, they got back together, but suffered another setback when viewers voted to remove Rachel from the show.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (38)

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Rachel Fenton, where is she now?

After being kicked off the island, Rachel was left crying, but luckily Rykard quickly followed her and the two continued their relationship outside of the villa. Rachel and Rykard lasted for almost a year and a half, which is VERY long considering they met on a TV show. Since then, Rachel has returned to her day job as a trauma and orthopedic nurse. The beautiful blonde is now in a loving relationship with her new partner and lives in Dubai.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (39)

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Javi Shephard - Joined on day 1, FIRED on day 6

Javi was the first contestant to leave the Love Island villa in 2016 (bless him) after failing to marry someone. Remember how he begged Zara to choose him, but she chose Daniel?

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (40)

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Javi Shephard, where is he now?

After leaving the villa, Javi threw shades at all the girls on the show, saying that he was "too cultured" for them. Judging by his Instagram account, he found a lady who likes to travel and see the rest of the world. It seems they met shortly after he left the villa in 2016. Good for him.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (41)

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Malia Arkian: inserted on day 7, DELETED on the same day

Malia stayed in the village for literally one day. ONE DAY. She dated Scott Thomas, but things started when Kady McDermott "accidentally" spilled wine on her legs. The pair got into a yelling match and it wasn't long before Malia pushed Kady away. Security escorted her out of the villa.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (42)

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Troy Frith - hired on 30, FIRED on 37

Troy, who once dated Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson, definitely went easy on himself and he will be missed. He didn't even get a chance to meet Katie Salmon before Lauren Whiteside kicked him off the show. Health.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (43)

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Daniel Lukakis – Enrolled on Day 1, FIRED Day 15

Daniel was an original cast member on Love Island and was initially teamed up with Olivia Buckland, but when it ended, he was teamed up with Zara Holland. It wasn't going to last and two weeks after the show he was kicked off the island.

Love Island 2016 Cast: Where Are They Now? (44)

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Liana Isadora Van Riel - Joined on 20, LEFT on 33

Liana was a stripper before she went to the villa, and just a few days after starting, she slammed Adam Maxted for his stale comments about how she would do it: "Fuck her and pick Tina." She later marries Adam, but they break up when the rest of the contestants vote them one of the weaker couples. Liana and Tom Powell received the fewest public votes and left the island.

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