Meet the island of Iceland Australia 2022 Ilhéus (2023)

HeLove Island AustraliaThe doors of the villas of season 4 are open and the most popular singles in all of Australia will occur.

Find your goal?True love (while all Australia is looking at them).

Transmit each episode Love Island UK Y Love Island Australia Free a 9NOW.

But exactly who has registered for this?Well, we can help you here.Hier is a look at the new islanders who are supposed to enter the town in 2022.

The girls

Claudia Bonifazio

Alter: 23
Profession: Medical Secretary
By: Adelaide, Sat

Claudia is her best pocket rocket and simply impressive.

She has no nonsense and does not take garbage and will make someone quite happy, including friends, if you treat her badly.The drama, she says, follows her everywhere.

She works as a medical secretary, but by the way, she also acts.She would like to make more actors and with the strong and bubbly personality of it has a serious star quality.

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Holly Oakes-Ferguson

Alter: 25
Profession: customer service personnel in the lottery industry

If Holly enters the room, it is impossible not to notice.Laut, confident, fun and with an opinion, will turn the head in the town.

He loves being the focus of attention, and some of his roommates like that, and some do not like, he says she is a child girl and has many male friends.

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Holly moved to her family from Great Britain with 11 in Sunshine Coast in Australia. His mother looked for a place on the Australian map and grabbed all of humor.

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Jessica Losurdo

Alter: 26
Profession: Risk Analyst
Por: Sydney, NSW

Jessica says fun with an infectious laugh and says how she is and is not afraid to say her opinion.

She is a proud player and on the weekend she is more in front of the TV who plays video games, not in a nightclub.

Jessica lives in West Sydney, where she lives with her family, and comes from Italian and Filipina inheritance.

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Layla John

Alter: 20
Profession: student/dancer
Von: Melbourne, Vic

Layla knows what she wants and is not afraid to express her opinion, and will bring this to the town, and love the girls, others have no relationship with 20.

Layla already has a show of the show business after visiting high school at a dance school in Melbourne with a dance approach.She hopes to make a career with the dance.

Layla lives with her parents in Essendon's suburb in Melbourne.

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Phoebe plays

Alter: 22
Profession: fashion student
Por: Sydney, NSW

When Phoebe grew up on a farm outside the basket in Victoria, he calls Bondi his home in Sydney.The relaxing and glamorous beach mood is theirs.

She works in a boutique in Bondi while studying fashion and hopes to create it as a stylist in some way in the fashion industry.

In the past, Phoebe had a very specific guy and is not afraid to give it.


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Stella hutcheón

Alter: 24
Profession: Media Radio Coordinator

Stella isLove Island AustraliaThe girl next door.

Unfortunately, she already broke her heart when she was 18 when she fell in love with a man of Colorado in the United States.Stella doesn't want a child who is too affectionate.He wants a man who is intelligent, fun and before everything is pleasant.

He is passionate about his work as a media coordinator in the radio industry in Brisbane.Estella began at her radio station in the Street Drive team before being promoted.

He was currently completing a degree in arts in which he studied communication, cinema and television.She is ambitious and loves her career on the radio and sees a real future in her.

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The young man

Andre Coutinho

Alter: 24
Profession: Auxiliary workers for mental health
Pa R: Pu RTH, Wow,

The brain, the muscles and the beautiful could be three words to describe Andre, who was born and grew in Perth.He has a title in Psychology and works as an auxiliary worker for mental health.

Andre is a high AFL soccer player.He had an injury at birth into the shoulder in childhood and was forbidden to practice contact sports.As he was about 12 years old, he convinced his mother to try it in AFL, and it was the best thing that happened.

Andre has a trend fashion style and a surprising look that turns his head when he enters the town.

Meet the island of Iceland Australia 2022 Ilhéus (7)

Austen buzz

Alter: 22
Profession: Spray / Half painter -Professional Football Player
Por: Sydney, NSW

Austen grew out of Penrith and has a natural charm, as well as many classes and personality.

He is of Chilean and Maltese history and works as a car spray painter, a job he loves.

Austen is a proud child of mom.As he was younger, he was ground when he left the house without a colony.He carries a pearl chain, similar to one of his fashion idols, singer Harry Styles.

(Video) 10 Most Isolated Island Countries In The World (And Why You Should Visit Them)

He has honored all his life in sports, including football, where he plays at the highest level.

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Alter: 24
Profession: Personal coach / pool boy

A great personality mixed with Naughty is a way of describing Callum.

Callum works as a pool boy at a superior hotel in Brisbane and is accustomed to entertaining VIP and work their charm.During the week, he also works as a personal coach and has some regular customers.

He admits that he has Ultimate Playboy Energy while entering the villa.

Meet the island of Iceland Australia 2022 Ilhéus (9)

Conor Howard

Alter: 26
Profession: real estate agent
Por: Sydney, NSW

Conor was born and raised in Sydney and visited Marubra in Sydney's oriental suburbs.

At 19 he got a job in a family real estate business and did not look back. It is a higher real estate agent in the Eastern and southern coastal regions of Sydney, including Coogee's access point.

An alpha man, Conor is ambitious, knows what he wants and is not afraid to express his opinion.He is definitely some feathers in the town with the sick girls and young people.

Conor believes that he has never been in love before and wants to do something completely uniqueLove Island AustraliaTo try to find it.

Meet the island of Iceland Australia 2022 Ilhéus (10)

Jordan Dowsett

Alter: 25
Profession: FIFO electrician
Von: Gold Coast, Qld

Jordan comes from the small town of Longford, near the state of Victoria, recently to Gold Coast and did not look back.

He moved after an eight -year relationship with his high school treasure a few years ago.He and his girlfriend have been together since the age of 14.

(Video) Azores: The Secluded Portuguese Island Paradise | Beyond Your Backyard | TRACKS

Jordan wanted to explore life, so he moved to Gold Coast with friends.Wait toLove Island AustraliaExperience is an expansion of this doing new things and is adventurous.

His signature salmontete does not go anywhere and is officially the first tide in theLove Island AustraliaVilla in the four seasons of the show.

Jordan is a very talented AFL footballer who played for sale in a country league.Wait to restart AFL in Gold Coast as soon as this incredible experienceLove Island Australiaends.

Meet the island of Iceland Australia 2022 Ilhéus (11)

Mitchell Eliot

Alter: 25
Profession: Personal coach
Por: Sydney, NSW

Our Kiwi resident in the town, Mitchell (Mitch), recently moved to Sydney from Auckland.

Mitchell described as a kiwi joke with a friendly heart and is ready to enter theLove IslandTown.He had a serious relationship with a girl who broke her heart.I was in love with her, but she didn't love him.

He admits that he played the field, but is ready to settle.

Meet the island of Iceland Australia 2022 Ilhéus (12)


Alter: 23
Profesión: Wachmann / Tikok influencer / rapper

At 23, Tak has already achieved and made so much with his life.

He was born in Zimbabwe and arrived in Australia as a child after his parents emigrated to Australia to become nurses and work in the hospital system.

Tak grew in Wagga Wagga, where he became a masterball player.He was selected for Juvenes -AFL Games for both the Brisbane lions and for the great west of Sydney, but renounced the game after falling in love with him.

Lately it has gone to music and has appeared under the name of "Bravo 2 real".

Tak, without fear of saying his opinion, is a great speaker.He has a strong morality and will stick to her in the town.This means that sometimes he is not afraid to call his roommates.

(Video) “Love Island” Couples; Where are They now? Are they Still Together?

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Love Island Australia Season 4 Premiere on October 31 at 6 p.m., exclusively in 9. No. Jede Episode Stream Love Island UK Y Love Island Australia Free a 9NOW.

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