Monkey Island 1: The secret of Monkey Island - Complete Solution - Adventure corner (2023)

Chapter 1: The three exams

After our little conversation with the lookout is over, we went down the cliffs. We arrive at the Scumm bar through the jetty.There we can talk to two pirates, which is not absolutely necessary. In the right room, we find the three terribly important pirates that explain what we have to do to become a pirate.Approveing is actually irrelevant; here the order is the first search for the treasure, the second sword fight, third robbery).

In any case, we wait at the bar for so long until the chef has left his kitchen at the right right and leave the field of vision. Now we go to the kitchen, we take the small pot under the table and the meat on the table. Now we use the meat with the stew and then take it out again. Then we walk through the right door and enter the outermost point in the jetty four or five times, so that the seagull moves away from the fish. Now take the fish,Use it with the stew, take the stew and leave the kitchen and then the slag bar.

If we now go up the cliffs and then more to the right to the "road" we get a general description and a navigation card. We choose our target point for mouse and we go to the circus, which only knows us as a "compensation." In the store From circus we talk to the Fettucini Alfredo and Bill brothers and we say that, of course, we participate. As a helmet, they accept the kitchen pot. When we wake up, we get a lot of money and we will "buy". To do this, we have to come back to the place.

After going through the first arch, we headed to the "Citizen of Mêlée" (4.2) and we bought his card. Now we go a little further and open the first door on the wall of the house and take a rubber chicken with a hookfrom Carabín.In the next room we find a voodoo sorceress that can tell us a little about our future. Then we leave the house again and go through the next arc.

In the first house we find the creation dealership from which we buy the sword and the shovel. We ask about the sword master and after leaving his store, we sink because he takes us directly to him (or rather to her). Then we leave the roads again and go to the "bifurcation."

Now we look at our new card and take the dance steps with you. For example, if the card says: return, then leave the screen back (and to the left or right can think it safely). On the road we have to wear a plantYellow with us and use it with the meat pot. When we arrive after the nine steps, we still go to the right and we use the shovels in the great "X". After digging up our shirt, we leave the roads and go to the bridge, whereWe offer the stew of the troll fish like a Tedia.

Then we continue to the house on the right side of the island. There we opened the door and asked in Brazen about the training of sword fighting in general Smirk. We stubbornly say "I am" at least three times to be recorded. After theTraining, we begin to practice. It is better to be on the general description map to a place that many pirates pass.

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The sword fight works like this: General Smirk already gave us two insults, which at first we use. The pirate opponents insult us, with Guybrush automatically noticing the new insults. Then they apply to the next opponent and with a little luckThe answer (that G., naturally, also realizes). And don't worry, the first fights will surely lose them.Then we want to do it immediately.

When we arrive at her, we tell her that we want to fight it. It is a bit different here: only the sword teacher insults us (no G. you) and we have to stop your unknown insults with us as well as possible in terms of content.If he is beaten, he returns to the place where we talk to the right of the church with a captured speech.We go to the prisoners.

After reasonable entertainment with the captured, we go to the left end to the governor's house, we poisonHe takes care of the control. Then we return to the captive and give him the spray of rodents. As gratitude, he leaves us with his cheese cake; which we immediately "use" and find the hidden file.

Back to the governor's house and the "great hole" on the wall. Then we have a small conversation with a fixed shinetop, the sheriff and with the governor. Here it really doesn't matter what you say.The Sheriff throws them into the water in one way or another, connected to the idol, which we wanted to steal. Here the solution is really obvious: we take the idol and return to the surface, where we learn about the terrible act of GP (= ghost pirates)Lechuck.

The three exams are taken, but a much more difficult exam is waiting for us: we have to save Elaine from the Lechuck GP! To do this, we need a ship and a team with which we can navigate them. (Here too, the order does not matterI start with the crew).First we go to the slag bar, where we take all the empty jugs and fill the kitchen with a grog.

Since things break the jugs, we have to use the jug food with another to reach the captive with the grog. We use the grog with its castle and release the prisoner, who will not join our crew. Then go to the champion of theSword that, after a brief conviction of the crew, joins.

Then go through the general description map to a new place: the island. Once there, we use the rubber chicken in the cable and we arrive at the house on the small island of Hook Island. After our conversation with Meathook, we open theBox of the "beast" and we caress it (or we do something else with him, that does not matter!). So we can also convince Meathook to join the crew.

Finally, we are missing a ship and we go to the "lights" on the general description map.A Stan we told him that we could not put too much and ask him if he would take a loan. After our long conversation, we go to the general store, whose guaranteeI would take Stan. Then we ask this guarantee and remember the combination of the safe that opens the concessionaire. (Left = Pull; Right = Press.)

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Then we send to the concessionaire again the master of the sword and decipher the safe through which we arrive at the guarantee. Return to Stan. We tell you that we want to see the ship from before and talk to it on extras. After denying allThe extras, we act slowly for the ship of the ship to 5000 pieces of gold. They are agreed and return to the jetty and "enjoy" the credits of the first part!

Chapter 2: The trip

When we arrive at our cabin, we take the spring keel, the ink and open the drawer in which there is a dusty book that we must read carefully. We return to the deck and through the staircase, where we take the flag of the skull andWe go down again. We go to the hatch and from there to the next hatch until we reach the loading cellar. Here we take the huge piece of rope and the barrels that are at the end.

Then we open the chest on the end, we looked at it and discovered a bottle of wine.more closely the surprise. Then we get a key. In the closet we also find a chest from which we take a recipe.

Then we take the small pot in the window of the window and return to our cabin. We use the small key with the closet, take the chest, open them and look a little more closely.

Now we return to the combination, where we cook a fine soup: we throw the following ingredients to the large saucepan (not classified): "good wine", "breakfast scales", "skull flag", "ink", "spredkiel","Mint", "rubber chicken", "t -shirt", "t -shirt (100% cotton)", "dust book", "cinnamon stick", "visiting card" and finally "shooting powder".

After our hero is "reasonably" awake again, we still use the card with the fire and receive an flammable mass. Now he enters the cargo room, where we have a little more gunpowder.It is surprising that we are right in front of Monkey Island! So we put the shooting dust on the canyon tube, we use the string with the canyon, we turn on the resulting uproar, configure the helmet (fast!) And we go to Monkey Island!

Chapter 3: Under Monkey Island

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This information in advance: the guy we see immediately is called Herman Toothrot, an inclined bird that we will always see here in Monkey Island. It is every opportunity to talk to him!

First we take a closer look at the crushed paper in the tree. Then we take the banana and go to the jungle. Here is the general description and the navigation card for Monkey Island, and it is a bit larger than that of Mêlée Island. Now we go to the fort (apartment "of Herman), which is located outside the volcano. We take the telescope and open it. Then we press against the canyon, we take the ball and a handful of shooting dust and the rope to the ropeside. Then we can get out of the fort.

Now we go north to the "river fork". Let's take the note under the rock and put the gunpowder in the dam.look more closely.

Of course we take the note wherever I get there! Now we take the strange stranger and we go to the gorge that is north of the southernmost beach (-: Here we use the two strings to go to the pallets.

Then we return to the bifurcation of the river and from there to the mountain, where we "press" the front stone. Now we put the next stone at this point and return to the "work of art" a deeper floor and we pull this catapult twice. Then, back on the mountain, we will push the next stone again to catch the banana tree on the beach. Once that is done, we get the shooting bananas! From there we use the pallet boat (with the pallets) for "Remar "the island on the east side.

We arrive at the beach of the Northeast for the moment and we go to the town of Caníbales. On the left end we also find two bananas. If we want to leave the village again, the cannibals block us and in their prison we take the skull and open a loose table inthe ground through which we return.

Now we go back to South Beach with our little boat and look for a gray move point in the north menu, a monkey. After having given all bananas, he is very friendly and follows us everywhere.

Now we go to a clear in the east that we have to reach on foot. Here we then pull the nose of the dead recommendation and then we put aside a piece of the monkey, so that the monkey also hangs. Now we can enter the"Holy Land" of the great monkey head.

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At this time, however, we can only take the little figure buried in the sand, which we then offer the cannibals as an offering.We can enter our previous prison through the door to take the banana collector.

Herman, to whom we give to the banana collector, is already waiting on the right side of the people. To do this, he leaves us the key to the great monkey's head, which we are going away. Here we use this key with the ear of the ear ofThe head and then we can enter and look a little. But nothing more: the caves are the purest maze!

So let's go back to the cannibals that we ask for a browser (1.1,4,1,1,2,3). As you don't want to give us, we give you the Stan Prospect "Clear Head while sailing", then you agree.

Now we return to the catacombs and use the browser's head, whose nose shows the way.We also have them.

Now we use this necklace and move on the ghost ship. First we walk through the left door to the Lechuck.soil and more through the passage on the right side.

If we are trying to take a ghost chicken now, we have a ghost spring. With that goes to the sales of Sleeping Ghost in the left neighbor room. With the pen we tickle the sailor twice and when it drops its bottle, we grab it!With the bottle in the inventory, we return to the right again, where we use the key with the hatch. Let's go through this hatch, we reach a room full of size (= ghost rats). Here we use the bottle with a grog with the bowl inThe floor. Then the rat falls drunk and we take out our frying fat from the big cube.

With that we return to the deck, where we can open the right door with the fat "freely."

With the root, which we find in it, then we return to the cannibals that make it an "anti-spy mixture". But back to the ghost ship we have to find that the spirits have returned to Mêlée Island. So we go to theMêlée Island along with Herman and Bob.

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Chapter 4: The final

We simply go to the Church and we make all the spirits on our way with the beer bottle of Malta. In the church it is actually (again) it doesn't matter what we say or do, Lechuck finally fits us from a point on Mêlée Island toAnother one when we are in Stan we can react: Take the beer bottle of Malta on the floor and use it with Lehuck. FIN! Enjoy the credits!

This complete solution comes from the Monkey Island fan island.


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