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  1. Part I: Long Das -Mbargo
  2. Part II: The Four Maps
  3. Part III: Lechuck Fortress
  4. Part IV: Dinky Island

When you readBig Whoop: Bonanza or Unused Myth?You will receive some information that will start on the right track.Enter the cabin and ask for your options to go.

Before looking for card parts, it is convenient for this increase to start with Phatt Island, so go there.After the following scenes, pull the rocky mattress and use itStockbelow to extract aOssoOf the prisoner killed in the adjacent cell.switchTo unlock your phone and open itManilaOn the shelf, now they are free to travel the island.


  • 1 Captain Marley
  • 2 Rapp Spring Onion
  • 3 Young Lindy
  • 4 Senhor Rogers
  • 5 to assemble

Captain Marley[[To edit]

Go to the alley on the left of the library, where a game game occurs.

Follow the child to another alley where he will receive someone's next number of winners behind the door.As she shows the signs, if she should make the door, ask the door, ask the next number of wins, enter the right password three times and use the number to win.
Make a bet and you will win.

ClaimInvitation, go to Booty Island and show it to the goalkeeper of the costume business.Take your costume and leave the left pier.To put in the mansion, take them inMapIn the image frame on the left and try to escape.If you find Elaine, save you until you throw the card out the window.

Return to Elaine's room outside and take themRuderon the wall.During you try to get itMapOn the floor, the wind blows it into the cliff on the south edge of the island.PuppyAnd go to the side of the house.Take the trash can to make some noise, and the chef will leave the kitchen to follow him.Make a short round around the village, enter the kitchen, steal aFischOut of the pan and go to Phatt Island.Go to the fisherman on the right side of the pier and ask for his fishing knowledge.AngelAnd use it to save the map to Booty Island's cliff.
A bird brought the map to the large tree in the north.Go there and put the command in the tree hole next to itBoards.If you try to go to command, it will break.After the following dream, take itOthers brokenFor Woodsmith on Scabb Island for repair, return to the tree and now use theRudderWith the hole.Go to the command, take the board, put it in the next hole, go to the board and work on the tree that way until Guybrush automatically does in the next cabin and use the dog with the stack to find the card.
Go out and hunt for themMapin floor.

Rapp Spring Onion[[To edit]

Since the cook was killed on Scabb Island, his remains can be found in the cemetery, but a coffin is in the closed crypt (one of the small buildings on the right).You need some devices before you can steal the key.

Enter the antique business with the island of Booty, which is immediately at the entrance of the islandOld grandfather(In a barrel near the store entrance) and go to the SCABB Island laundry room.Use the saw on the bone of the frightening pirate pirate pen and go to the locksmith.As goldsmiths went to emergency services, you can steal yourHammerand someA(to the right of the cabin entrance).
Go to Scabb Island Forest Smith and take it upHammerand someA.


(Video) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Part 2: Four piece Map - First Half

You can return themHammerZum Waldschmied.

Go to Booty Island and join Stan's business, which is on the right of the costume business.Ask Stan about a well -used coffin and close the lid as soon as he has the opportunityClean White HankieUse the hammer with nails and stealCryptHang on the big tombstone on the back and enter the Scabb Island crypt.

All coffins are registered with quotes so you need to find a book with quotes.Famous Pirate QuotesUnder citations, but was signed by the governor.Disaster: great wrecks of our centuryERecipes, voodoo: the joy of hexadecimal(You should also lend these two while you are here)Temporary Library CardRecord the librarian book and enter the mansion on the south side of the island.Talk to the guard that blocks the stairs and finds a reason to move it from your post your random book with one in the gourmet belly.
Go back to the crypt, readFamous Pirate Quotesand noticed the rapp line.Searchashes, and go to the swamp cabinAsh-2-Life ™This can be found on the glass in the middle of the lower shelf.Recipes, voodoo: the joy of hexadecimalDo this from the library earlier and take it to the Voodoo.Return to Rapps choke, use Ash-2-Life ™ to revive it and agree to find him a favor, you, Cabana Weenie (tent) on the beach and use itI likeEnter the gas by placing one of the four buttons on the oven doors and inform Rapp about your findings to keep yourMap.
To search forMap.

Young man[[To edit]

The cabin boy apparently sold his card to the old Booty Island business.

Since you don't have 6,000,000 parts eight hours, you need to exchange something. If you continue to talk to him, he will tell you that he wants the figure of the crazy monkey.Shield the store and will continue to pass the Stans store to find a spit competition. So try it.

Empty Drink Cup

You can return themEmpty Drink CupFor the bartender.

Go to the bar on Scabb Island and show your library card to the bartender so you can buy a baby from a yellow beard and a blue whale.yellow drinkasBlue drinkA ...Green drink.Go to old business and buy themSchiffshornOn the wall near the parrotflagMarkings.Blows the horn by ship and quickly take the flags to bring them closer to the rejection line.Use theCrazy strawWith your drink and spit when you see as the red scarf of the lady blows into the wind.PLATE HOMEThe old trafficker and convinces him to buy it for 6000 eight pieces.
If you didn't borrowDisaster: great wrecks of our centuryDo this now in the Phatt Island library.Read the book and remember (or write down the coordinates found in the book).Talk to Captain Kate Capsize, the woman out of Stans and chartered a ship.Go to the coordinates, take a deep dive, getMonkey headRemove the sunk galleon and the anchor on the leftMapin the antiques business.
Buy the map on the owner's table.

Mr. Rogers[[To edit]


You can release Kate with theswitch.

While they are still in the big tree, go to the pavilion in the distant and light branch -Telescope.Talk to Captain Fear and tell him that "I would like to drive for a while."Het the ...Papagei chowEnter the Antiquity Store of Booty Island at Deck and buy themSignalOn the right of the parrot, put the chow parrot in the hooks, where was the plate so you can buy itSpiegel(The owner will not sell him if his parrot looks at him).KATE Question for aFlyerand go to Phatt Island.Put the brochure in your poster, go to prison and open itEnvelope gorillaOn the shelf.Visit the SCABB Island Bar, you said theBananawith the metronomer and catchJoJoReturn to the arrest of the island of Phatt and open theVanilleumschlagForBottles the 'near gray.

Take a look at Phatt Island's map and go to the waterfall to west of Kai.

O (in) famoso Ruzzle "Monkey Key"

(Video) Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Part 2 of 4 | Remastered | Gameplay/Walkthrough | no commentary
Follow the way to the waterfall.At the top, useJoJoWith the bomb.To the base of the fall.

Drive through the hole and the tunnels and enter the house at the top of the hill.

Tell the retired pirate that he must prepare to die and you will be in a drink competition, if he gives him hisBecher O 'GrrogTake it quickly and empty your content to the left on the tree.Fill it with the nearby hoop and get ready for victory.After being turned off, place the mirror in the mirror frame and open the blinds on the door.Go out and place the telescope in the hand of the grotesque statue.Go back and press the brick that burned a circle in it.If you pushed the bathtub of right bricks.
Go to the left side of the room and open the trap door on the floor.

Lead toHand and mapFar from the skeleton.

Put together[[To edit]

If you want to reduce your inventory load, go to the library and return all your books to the librarian.

Enter the library, open the headlight model at the door and steal -aFarol Lens Model.

Go to Wally on Scabb Island.

Wally Wally the headlight lens model.

Let it -examine the card parts and agree to supplement it, so he needs you to get alove potionOf the voodoo;Enter the swamp.Note that on the way back to Woodtic, a box appeared in the swamp.Enter when ready to continue.

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Part I: Long Das -Mbargo|Part II: The Four Maps |Part III: Lechuck Fortress

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  1. Part I: Long Das -Mbargo
  2. Part II: The Four Maps
  3. Part III: Lechuck Fortress
  4. Part IV: Dinky Island


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