Monkey Island 2 Special edition: The Tutorial Rey (2023)

Part 1: o Terg

Island of the appointment

Try to change the classic mode by pressing F1Keeping the old school.You can continue playing in the new mode or classic mode.

After the introduction, he will be on the bridge: when he tries to leave the screen, the length will steal his money.When it disappears, take the shovel (from the plate) and leave to the right.Take the swamp area and use the coffin.Keep rowing right until you enter the Voodoo house.Take the rope of the table in the first room and then look at the vials until you find the "ash life -2".voodoo.List.Use the coffin again to return to the coast.

Walk towards the cemetery and go to the top of the hill.Use the blade in the tomb of the long grandfather (left).Then go to the beach and wear the the right) .Cuble with Wally and take a sheet of paper from the battery.When Wally put your monkey, take it quickly.Go and turn the left window on the ship (the bottom of the screen).Ask the knife and leave again.

Enter the ship at the end and use your knife in the rope to loosen the clavigrí.Box, use the stick with the box, use the rope with the stick and use the cheese prices with the box.Leave the screen and return, and the mouse must eat.Throw the rope, open the box and take the mouse.

Download through the hatch near the window you jump before and talk to Barkeeper until long arrives and spits the wall.Load your role with the grill.Volta to the kitchen through the window and place the mouse in vichysosis.Return to the bar and ask a small stew.Finally lower the soup, but accept the work.After receiving the payment, leave the window once again.

Leave the city and see the swamp.Echant the cube with a swamp mud and then return to the wooden palette.Better in the wide room, close the door, use the cube with the door and hide behind the dressing screen.The clothes ((near the pirates north) and look at the conversation. Return to the room in a width, close the door and take the laundry claim. Voodoo woman in the swamp and give him the four articles (mole, saliva, bone and bra). Turn the voodoo wrist and return to the touch of wood.

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After automatically returning to the swamp, go to the Peninsula and address the house next to the boat.Long, complete.

Part 2: The four pieces

Take Chow's parrot, then enter and select Navigate to Phatt Island.

It has been a fact

You will be arrested and thrown into jail.Place the cane under the mattress and use the stick in the bone.Turn the bone and deliver -Walt.peg the small key and use -at the door of the cell.In your inventory and then leave it right.

Talk to the fisherman (right) and bet with him.Go to the library and open the lighthouse of the model.Establish the lens and talk to the librarian to request a library card.Use the card catalog and find the names of three books.First it is in "D" to the disaster and is called "great remains of our century."The third.After remembering the three names, go to the librarian and ask them.Now you can leave the library.Little to the road in the distance and go to the mansion.

Enter the mansion and try to climb the stairs.Tell the guard that you are Guybrush's cousin and that there is a fire in the kitchen.Go up the stairs and change your third book with the belly book by Governor Phatt, "famous pirate quotes."Volt to the dock and enter the alley to the left of the library.See the guy win and continue, sincere to the second alley.When he leaves, hit the door and ask the next roulette number.He pressed attention to the number of fingers that has the first time for the first time, this is the answer to his question.Sprinkle properly three times to obtain the following number.Voltage to the first alley and win.The ship and navigate to Booty Island.

Booty Island

Enter the small shop to your left and buy the dish on the parrot, the horn of the ship, a lid of the cube, a pirate hat, the old and well polished mountain range, a rock and roll collector plaque and a feathers pen.Put the chow parrot on the hook that was using the plate and buy the parrot mirror.Look at the map piece and ask the antiquities trafficker on shops to know the crazy monkey.Mardi Gras's invitation to the merchant and then take the dress.Go out and talk to the big wife to take a brochure.This area goes to the left and then travels to the mansion.

On your way, you will have to show your invitation and put your disguise.Give the back of the mansion and push the trash cans.He moves away from the annoying cook and makes a complete return of the house.A pan's fish now go and enter the mansion through the main door.Take the paint map on the left end of the room and then skirt.The gardener will stop you and take him to the stairs.It will launch the map map through the window.Leave the mansion and try to collect the map map;It will fly.Return inside and up and take the line of Elaine's bed.He returns and takes the dog.Make the fear of the ship.

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It has been a fact

Give the fish to the fisherman.After taking the fishing post, he returns to the territory again.

Booty Island

Go to the cliff.Use the fishing post to try to take the map map, but a bird will steal it.His strange dream, took the broken row and left again.

Island of the appointment

In Woodtck, enter the first door to the right.The routle row towards the locksmith and he will fix it for you.Volta and see Wally again and give him the headlight lens.Type of colorful drink (and will receive a free crazy straw).Keep asking a little fool.Use the banana in the metronomer (in the piano) and then take Jojo the monkey.He saw the pirate leg of the pirate and then go to the wood workshop again.Take the hammer and nails and then return to the fear ship.

Booty Island

Go right and enter Stan's store.While trying to agree, it will enter a coffin: close the coffin and keep it inside using the hammer and nails.Give the crypt key behind the counter.Go to the saliva contest (to the right of Stan).Use the ship's horn to get rid of master Spitmash and quickly take the flags to move them.Crazy.Talk to Spitmaster and participate in the contest.Attend the track in the right competitor and spit in the wind you should win the contest and get a dish.Volta to the antique store and sell this to Trafficker antiquities to obtain 6000 pieces of eight.

Read the book "Great Saws of Our Century" and see the coordinates where Mad Monkey tied (random for each game).Tigneta a kate ship and move the pointer to the coordinates shown in the book.When you get there on the boat, dive in the sea and take the head of the monkey.It is too heavy for you to go to the surface; so see the left and pull the anchor.Back to Booty Island, ask Kate about the nearby player, but she will not give her an antique store, she will give the monkey's head to the antique trafficker and you will receive thePart of the map (1/4).

Go to the big tree and use the rowing reinforced with the second hole.And to the board, then the rowing.Place the board and place it in the third hole, then continue the tree.Towards the house of the lower tree.Use the dog on the map map to locate the correctPart of the map (2/4).Volt in the Nave of Fear.

Island of the appointment

Go to the cemetery and use the crypt key on the crypt.Leia the pirate dating book and then look for each of the coffins until you can open one with the right registration.In the swamp and give it the ashes.When you forget the recipe, give "the joy of the hexadecimal" and take the potion.Return to the crypt in the cemetery and use the potion in the ashes.Return to the crypt.Use the potion of the ashes again, and Rapp will give you the followingPart of the map (3/4)Time to return to the horror ship again.

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It has been a fact

Put Kate's brochure on your sought poster and leave the city.When Kate is arrested, she sees the prison.Above your surrounding envelope and Ábal in your inventory.Here and travel to the waterfall.Walk to the top of the hill and use the monkey in the pump.Return and pass through the newly opened opening hole to end appearing on the small island.

Enter the villa and accept getting involved in a drink contest with the old man.He will bring you a drink and leave again to get it.While he was, he takes the cup and empty in the tree.Your cup, you two, you two, you two, you two.Will drink and pass out.Put the mirror on the mirror structure on the rear wall and open the blinds in the right window.Salt and walk towards the grotesque statue.Leia the dish and then place the telescope in the hand of the statue.After revealing the secret brick, return to the cabin and take it out.Part of the map (4/4), then pass the hole to the left.Return to terror.

Island of the appointment

Give the maps on the map to Wally.Once he works, go looking for the love potion of your voodooFour full map pieces.

Part 3: Lechuck strength


Walk to the right, climb the stairs and the door.She will say directly to the dungeon and will approach the prison cell to talk to Wally.Return to climb the stairs and the door.Read the integrated role (in your inventory) and look at the first verse.Foster the collection of bones that corresponds to the verse and the pushes.Where through the door and read the following verse.VOODOO KEY.

Ask Lechuck some stupid questions and leave.Now wait 5 minutes and do nothingFive minutes later ....Use the crazy straw with the green drink again.Are you right on the right to the right four times to extinguish the candle?When the room is dark, use your gamesThe complete letuck strength.

Parte 4: Isla dinky

Isla dinky

Take the bottle that floats in the water and crushes it in the rock.Ping the vessel of Martini and the foot of the goat and open the cannon near the parrot.Give the cookie to the parrot for your first track.From the ocean and then distils it is using the property.Converse with Herman Toothrot on the treasure and enter the jungle opening to the left.

In the jungle, I should see two paths.Go to the left and follow this path to the top of the next screen.Use your broken bottle on the bag and take the cookie box.I can the rope around the box and open the box with its goat foot.

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Go to the right and then to the right and go back until you find a large tree with a telephone box.Call 9-1-1.Dix this screen and you will end up return to the beach.

Enter the jungle again and go to the right 3 times to find a dinosaur and parrot.Improves its glass of distilled water with the cookie box to obtain 2 more cookies.Of stones.It gives the parrot the last cookie to obtain the final advice.SignsThe third advice that walks to the right, where you will find Herman.Combine and throw the dynamite illuminated in the hole.

Connect the crow on the rope and use -with the twisted metal rods at the top of the hole.At the bottom of the hole, find a light switch and speak with Lechuck.Walk to the extreme left and get the crushed treasure ticket chest.Now walk towards the right end and enter the first aid room.Look at the skeletons and take your father's skull.Try the garbage boat surgical gloves and the hypodermic syringe of the drawer.

Go to the storage room (through the left door of the first aid signal).Open the boxes to find a balloon, root and a voodoo doll.Then go to the automatic sales machine room (through the right door to the right elevator sign).Use the gloves and the globe with the helium container.Use one of the gloves to inhale the heliumHelium inhaler.Use the return of the currency so that a currency goes to the floor.When Lechuck enters and leans to pick it up, steal her underwear.Return to this room after moving away and remove another currency.This time, when he enters, give Hankie and he will blow his nose on him.Better in the elevator and wait for Lechuck.When it arrives, use the lever quickly and take the crispy beard pieces.In his inventory, put the wrist, beard, skull, Hankie, Hankie and underwear on the Juju bag.

Throw the lever to return and find Lechuck.When you come, use the syringe in the wrist.A true pirate.

Additional achievements

At the end of the game, you can receive the following additional achievements:

  • Complete the game in less than 3 hoursSpeed demon
  • Complete the game with <10 tipsFreethinker
  • Complete the game without any adviceMono master
  • Complete the game using the object score <5 timesTurning off the lights

These step by step cannot be published or reproduced in any format without prior written consent of the author.All game titles, artistic references and character remain the copyright of their respective holders.

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