MTA Bus Time For PC - Free Download : Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (2023)

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MTA Bus Time For PC - Free Download : Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (1) MTA Bus Time For PC - Free Download : Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (2)

Functions and description of the software

1. MTA Bus Time uses Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware and wireless communication technology to track the real-time location of MTA buses in New York City.

2. With this innovation, you can use your computer, mobile phone, smartphone or other technical device to know when the next bus will arrive at your stop, even if you are still at home, in the office, while shopping or in a restaurant.

3. Did you enjoy the MTA bus time? Here are 5 travel apps like London Bus Checker; Transport in Sydney • Train and bus; New York Express Bus; USA BUS; NC GoTransit bus tracking;

Download and install MTA Bus Time on your computer

Hooray! There seems to be an app like MTA Bus TimeWindow! Download below:

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1 MTA Bus Time For PC - Free Download : Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (3) MTA for New York charging 1/5
3 reviews


Brooke Ngo

Unsatisfied? Check out compatible desktop apps or alternatives

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MTA Bus Time For PC - Free Download : Windows 7,8,10 Edition - Free Download (4) MTA buses Download the app or alternatives 335 reviews


Metropolitan Transport Authority

Or follow the guide below to use it on PC:

Choose your Windows version:

  1. Windows 7-10
  2. Windows 11

Download and install the MTA Bus Time app on your Windows 10, 8, 7 or Mac computer by following these 4 easy steps:

  1. Download the Android emulator for PC and Mac:
    Get Bluestacks orNox-App >>. We recommend Bluestacks because you can easily find solutions online if you encounter problems while using it. Download Bluestacks on your PC or MacHere >>.

  2. Install the emulator on your PC or Mac:
    Go to the Downloads folder on your computer » Click to install Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe » Accept the license agreement » Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

  3. Using MTA bus time on PC [Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11]:
  • Open the installed emulator app » go to the search bar and search for "MTA bus time".
  • When searching, the MTA Bus Time app icon will appear. Open it and then click "Install".
  • Once MTA Bus Time has been downloaded to the emulator, find/click the All Apps icon to access the page that lists all installed apps including MTA Bus Time.
  • Enjoy MTA Bus Time on PC now.

  • Using the MTA bus time on Mac OS:
    Install MTA Bus Time on your Mac by following the same steps for the Windows operating system above.

  • How to download and use the MTA Bus Time app for Windows 11

    To get MTA bus time on Windows 11, check if there is a native versionMTA Bus Time App for Windows here » ». If not, follow these steps:

    1. Download Amazon App Store »(Only we)
      • Click "Download" to start the installation. It also automatically installs the Windows subsystem for Android.
      • After installation, go to Windows Start menu or Applications list » Open Amazon Appstore » Sign in (with Amazon account)

    2. For non-US usersDownload OpenPC software »
      • Once installed, open the OpenPC application » go to Playstore for PC » click on “Configure_Download”. This will automatically download the Google Play Store on your Windows 11 system.

    3. Installing the MTA bus time:
      • Sign in to the PlayStore or Amazon AppStore on your computer.
      • Look for "MTA Bus Time" » Click"To install"to install the MTA bus time
      • The MTA bus time is now available in the Windows start menu.

    Minimum requirements recommended
    • 8 GB RAM-u
    • SSD storage
    • Processor: Intel Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3000
    • Architecture: x64 or ARM64
    • 16 GB of RAM
    • disk space

    MTA bus time on iTunes

    charging developer Evaluation Result Current Version Ranking for adults
    Free on iTunes Metropolitan Transport Authority 335 2.55521 1.2.3 4+

    Download for Android: Download android


    - Tells you the distance and approximate time of arrival at a bus stop

    - Fast and accurate, adapted to traffic conditions

    - Can search for nearby stops, add them from the map or search by text

    - You can save favorite stops

    - Never crashed


    - Some buses have a broken GPS

    - Stop names should indicate the direction of travel

    - The application can blame the Internet connection for errors on its side

    - In the latest version, the "Refresh" button has been removed, which makes it difficult to track the progress of the bus in case of problems with the application.

    Best PCmac Reviews

    • Great garbage disposal app

      By Nicky.kleess (PCMac user)

      This app is essential when traveling by bus in New York. Compared to the service itself, this app will have 25 stars compared to 1 star for the service itself. Don't get me wrong, it has its perks, but the app service is very buggy. The app has five problems: there aren't enough buses, some buses are late or have a different schedule, they're never clean (seriously, one bus I rode smelled like someone's sphincter had exploded all over the floor! ), some drivers have serious attitude issues (this is rare but depends on the bus) and this service is way overpriced for what you get for it ($2.75 per ride really adds up over time). If you don't have the app, download it. The only problem I have is that sometimes the time for the bus is inaccurate and the distance is accurate, and sometimes the bus isn't marked on the map. Seriously, get this.

    • Essential for bus passengers in NYC

      Author: tcs3600 (PCmac user)

      This app shows you the distance and approximate arrival time at each bus stop. It's fast and accurate (except for some buses with broken GPS). The arrival time is adjusted to the road conditions. You can search for nearby stops, add them from the map or search by text and save your favorite stops. I use it daily and it has never crashed. There's room for improvement: bus stop names should indicate the direction of travel so you don't have to try and find what you're looking for. Also, I'm having the same issue as another reviewer: the map jumps when zoomed in.

    • He fixed it! Thanks

      By Cowboyup351 (PC User)

      Fixed in the last update - many thanks! So this is no longer valid (currently)... This app was great until it was updated (2 days ago). It removed previously saved favorites and allowed an iPhone to match locations to where they already were, or at least ones that are usable. Thank you very much!

    • Uch

      Author: M2DGG (PCmac user)

      First, the app works great when it works. This is important for commuting and common sense. However, there's an app's most popular excuse: "Check your internet connection" when it's clearly the app's fault (any other web app will work). The previous version of the app had a refresh button, which in this case I could press continuously. They removed it in this version. After seeing this message, not only am I unable to see where the bus is, I am also unable to refresh the screen to see my bus's progress. I've tried getting off the bus schedule and back on but to no avail. Also, I had saved my favorites in the previous app and after upgrading to the new version, all my favorites were deleted. I was looking forward to the new version because I thought it would fix a really annoying bug, but it ended up being even more unbearable.


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