Stardew Valley: A complete guide for the volcano facade (2023)

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  • Arrive to the forge of the volcano
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  • Forging weapons
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  • Combining Rings
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With the 1.5 update ofValle Stardew, They gave us a new area full of things to do.While Ginger's Island explodes, you will find the Dungeon volcano.Here you can advance for ten floors, fight monsters and collect new material.At the top you will find the forge volcano.

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The Forge volcano allows you to forge and love teams, and there is a long time.

Arrive to the forge of the volcano

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As mentioned above,You will have to venture into the dungeons before you reach the volcano forge.This can take some time, so it is better to prepare.It takes a lot of food and healing, as well as a urgent totem so you can escape quickly if you are having fun.


The first time you are going through the dungeons, it may not reach the tenth floor, but okay.Due to the dungeon and regroup and then visit the next day, when more prepared.Visit the dungeon at the beginning of the day to have time to go through everything.It is easy to lose the notion of time, and you definitely don't want to faint at 2 am while in the dungeon.

When it reaches the forge, it will unlock the area permanently, it means that you do not need to go through the ten floors again, as there will be a shortcut to the right of the entrance to the volcano.

For more information, see thisDungeon guide.

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Your first visit

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The first time you visit the area with the Forge volcano, there will be a chest waiting for you.Open this chest will reward it with aPrismatic fragment, Like this,that can be used in the forge.It can use the fragment in the forge or save it later.When you visit the forge again, this chest will have gone.

Materials needed to use forge

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Each action performed on the forge volcano will require fragments of ashes.These are small fragments that can be found on the ten floors of the dungeon.

Above you can see a mineral of ash fragments.Teaching this will produce some fragments.In addition, concrete fragments can be left from the following enemies.

  • Magma
  • Chu Dema Gama
  • Magma Duggy
  • False Magma form

If you have onefish pondFilled with at least seven stripes, you will have the opportunity to arrive between two and five gray fragments.

The fastest way to obtain gray fragments is to cross the dungeon.Then let's take a look at the different actions you can do on the Forge volcano.

Forging weapons

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As the name implies, you can forge elements in the forge of the volcano.

You are only able toForcing melee weapons, including daggers, swords and hammers.You can forge a gun3 times,Add a combination of statistics.

Every time you force a gun, it costs ash fragments.

  • First Forge:10x gray fragments
  • Second Forge:15X Fragments of ashes
  • Third Forge:20x gray fragments

In general, falsification requires a jewel.There are seven different jewelry that can be used to forge a gun.





  • 1 x Nivel


Critical opportunity for success

  • 4,6% x nivel


Gun speed

  • Add 2 to the first and third level and 3 at the second level


Critical damage

  • 10% x level



  • 10% x level



  • 1 x Nivel


This will fill all levels with random updates and costs only 10 gray fragments.


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Enchantments are updates thatRequires a prismatic fragment.Unlike forgery, enchantment does not affect specific statistics.Enchantments are random;You will not know what effect will be given.If you are not happy with your enchantment, you can do it again, using additional gray fragments and a prismatic fragment.

You can delight weapons and melee tools (excluding copper and Scitus tray).First, let's take a look at the enchantments of weapons.


It is made


50% reuse in special movements

Insect killer

Double damage to all insects (larvae, flies, spiders, crabs)

  • Allows you to attack arranged errors


50% more damage to mummies, ghosts, skeletons and empty spirits

  • Allows you to kill mummies without using a bomb


9% chance of recovering health in death

  • The healing rate is approximately 9% of the maximum.
  • No damage scale


Cut the Weed receives more fiber, with the opportunity to collect hay

  • 50% fiber possibilities
  • 33% hay possibilities

Now, let's take a look at the enchantments of the tools.Some of these enchantments can be added to various weapons.

(Video) All 130 Golden Walnuts - Stardew Valley Guide

Enchantment Tools

It is made

Tools applied to


automatically connects fish when they bite

  • Fishing rod


Double possibility of finding an artifact at artifact points

  • As


Infinite water

  • Watering can


The resistance will not be drained

  • Machado
  • Fishing rod
  • As
  • Pico
  • Watering can


50% chance of receiving twice as much as I dug

  • As


Add an additional fishing level while sustained

  • Fishing rod


Add 1 additional level for Pickoxe and 2 additional levels for ax

  • Pico
  • Machado


50% possibilities that bait and equipment are not used

  • Fishing rod


Higher load capacity for a larger area of effect (at 5x5 mosaic)

  • As
  • Watering can


  • Extra oak wood trees, edge, pine, palm and mahogany
  • 3 fungal tree wood
  • Possibility of extra hard wood of stumps
  • Possibility of giant extra cultures
  • Machado


Increased speed of 33%

  • Machado
  • As
  • Pico

Make infinite weapons

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In the forge of the volcano, you can alsoCreate endless weapons.These are essentially stronger versions of Galaxy's weapons.To create these weapons, you will need galaxies souls.This article can be bought in the qi walnut room for 40Q IG EMSYou can also get Galaxy Souls after killing 50 dangerous monsters or spending ten radioactive bars on the island merchant.

In general, it is a little difficult to get souls from galaxies.


Materials in need

Infinite blade

  • Galaxy Sword
  • 3x Galaxy Souls
  • Gray fragments 60x


  • Dagger Galaxies
  • 3x Galaxy Souls
  • Gray fragments 60x

Infinite mallet

  • Hammer Galaxy
  • 3x Galaxy Souls
  • Gray fragments 60x


If you are not satisfied with the appearance of a weapon, you can change it in the volcano forge.

Place the weapon with the desired statistics in the left square.Then place the weapon with the desired look in the right square.This will cost ten fragments of ashesand the weapon that places right will be consumed.

Once you do this, your article will have a new look.However, this will only work in the arms of the same type (swords that merge with other swords).

Combining Rings

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Besides updating different tools and weapons,You can combine rings.Put two rings in the squares of the volcano forge, with20 gray fragments.This will create a new ring called 'combined ring.From the sludge.

Once a ring is combined, you will not be able to combine any additional ring with it.

This means that it can essentially equip up to 4 rings.This is useful if you have several rings you like, but it's hard for you to decide which one to use.

Removing an article

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Finally,You can know the articles.This applies to forged weapons and combined rings.You will not be able to unnecessary,But, as mentioned earlier, you can build a weapon again for a different effect.

When you interact with the volcano forge, there will be some red x in the lower right corner.Collect a weapon or ring and press this X will inform the article.

You eliminate updates and rings divided into your original state.The union will also restore any change of look you made.You will also recover some of Cinder's fragments, but not all.

This is all that is in the volcano forge!After updating your weapons, check ourGuide on everything you need to do in Ginger Island.

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