The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (2023)

A beach vacation in itself is a lovely vacation, but when you add a water park to the mix, the fun becomes 10 times better.

Whether you want a sunny day at the beach or an exhilarating day of tubing, a beach vacation with a water park is the way to go.

If you're wondering where you can get those kinds of wonderful vacations that can keep young and not-so-young entertained, Myrtle Beach in Southern California is a must-visit.

Myrtle Beach not only has a plethora of family-friendly resorts, but also resorts where the beach is at your doorstep and the waterpark is in your backyard.

Of those, here are my picks for the best hotels with water parks in Myrtle Beach, SC; consider one of these on your next vacation for lots of fun.

1. Sea Crest Beachfront Resort

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (1)

First things first; Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort's water park features 9 pools. 9.

Even if you spend half an hour in each one, it's still about 5 hours in the pools alone.

Add to that lazy river (both indoor and outdoor), an outdoor pool and kiddie pool and it's safe to say you and fame won't be leaving the water anytime soon.

Oh, and don't worry; even the little ones are not left out, with a pool dedicated just for babies.

One of the highlights of the fun on offer is the chance for your kids to meet a real-life mermaid; they can even change their image and then take pictures that will be the subject of the 'Gram.

The hotel also offers a variety of accommodation options, and with the regular discounts offered to guests, it can be a great savings.

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2. SouthBay Inn and Suites

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (2)

The newest kid on the block in Myrtle Beach, this family-friendly Myrtle Beach hotel with indoor water slides also offers a children's pool, indoor and outdoor pool and 3 beautiful spa tubs.

In addition, the South Bay Inn enjoys a very convenient location on Myrtle Beach's famous boardwalk, close to attractions such as the Second Avenue Pier, the SkyWheel and an abundance of shopping centers and excellent restaurants.

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Thanks to the resort's proximity to downtown Myrtle Beach, it's also a very convenient starting point for day trips to the HammockCoast, North Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet.

3.CaribbeanResort e Villas

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (3)

Another must-see of Myrtle Beach resorts with water parks is the Caribbean Resort and Villas, which has an all-star outdoor park that plays at home with the Pirates Plunge, a super-thrilling waterslide.

In addition, the water park also has 2 beautiful lazy rivers (one indoors and one outdoors), an underwater area just for the hotel's youngest explorers, as well as an adult pool with a large terrace to relax.

Accommodation is comfortable and spacious; Whether you're a family of 4 looking for a bedroom or a family of 12 looking for a condo, you'll find it at Caribbean Resort and Villas.

4. Sand Dune Resort

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (4)

If you're a guest at the Sand Dunes Resort, not only do you have an incredible outdoor water park just a hop, hop, hop away, but you also have free access to said water park, with its pool fortresses, water slides, a lazy river and water games.

While the resort's water park is also accessible through neighboring Sands Beach Club, Sands Ocean Club, and Ocean Dunes Resort, it never gets too crowded.

The hotel is right on the beach and you can take the party down to the beach if things get too crowded.

If you want to save the beach for someone else but still crave some water, check out the resort's excellent indoor and outdoor pools with free hotel access.

Accommodations range from suites to villas and standard rooms.

Many of the suites and villas are also equipped with kitchenettes and full kitchens allowing guests to prepare their own dinners whenever they wish.

In addition, the resort also has a fun arcade (Family FunZone) and a beach bar (OceanAnnie's Beach Bar), one of the most popular bars in the region.

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5.Resort OceanReef

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (5)

A gem of a resort on a beachfront property, Ocean Reef Resort is most famous for the on-site Shipwreck Water Park - it's just fun, fun and more fun at this large water park.

The water park also has fountains, bins, water spouts and several pool games; there are even huge tiki statues to add to the authentic tropical feel.

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In addition, the hotel organizes summer activity programs for children with a variety of activities from pool games to treasure hunts and craft sessions.

There is also a large games room on site with a giant chess board.

Guests can choose from 1, 2 or 4 bedroom apartments, all equipped with living areas, fully equipped kitchens and beautiful balconies.

There are also rooms and suites available.

6. Vila das Dunas Complex

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (6)

A general family favorite, the beachfront Dunes Village Resort has plenty to do at its super-fun water park, from a spray course to a lazy river and waterslides for thrill-seekers.

There's also a super fun playground built around a pirate ship, magic shows and craft sessions for the little ones.

Guests can choose from a variety of accommodations, from 4-member rooms to 16-member condos.

The resort also offers beach access and stunning ocean views from some of its rooms.

Oh, and did I mention that the water park at Dunes Village is the only indoor one in all of Myrtle Beach?

Come sleet, snow or shine, the fun continues.

7. Grand Cayman Resort

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (7)

Another of the big resorts with kid-friendly water parks, Grand Cayman Resort (formerly known as Long Bay Resort) is the proud home of the Silly Sub Water Park, complete with a yellow submarine and 3 floors of waterslides.

The oceanfront resort occupies a space right in the middle of Myrtle Beach and has kiddie pools, waterslides, great indoor and outdoor pools, and a 250-foot-long lazy river.

There's even an arcade for those days when the sun isn't shining, as well as delicious restaurants like Martin's Restaurant and Oceanview Cafe, which serve delicious food.

Guests can choose from suites, condos, and rooms; all come equipped with private balconies, microwave ovens, mini fridges and coffeemakers.

Some rooms can accommodate up to 8 members and have a kitchenette and fridge.

See the best price

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8. Captain's Lodge Resort

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (8)

Easily one of the most kid-friendly resorts not only on this list, but in the area, Captain's Quarters Resort seems especially designed for young children, with 15 mind-blowing water rides/activities.

These include children's pools (outdoor and indoor), lazy rivers (outdoor and indoor), 5 fun hot tubs and Shipwreck Lagoon, the children's water park which is also one of the main attractions of the resort.

If you're looking for fun out of the water, head to the resort's bowling alley or take the party to the nearby Family Kingdom amusement park.

Head to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk for great food and shopping.

9. Resort Compass Cove

The 9 Best Hotels with Waterparks in Myrtle Beach SC (Through 2023) (9)

Last but not least of my recommendations for places to stay in Myrtle Beach with water parks is the Compass Cove Resort with its 22 water attractions/activities that can thrill the kids and bring out the kids inside Mom and Dad. . .

The resort's water park offers 6 beautiful indoor and outdoor pools, 3 indoor and outdoor lazy rivers, 5 unique children's pools, hot tubs and two super fun waterslides: the SchoonerScreamer and the Compass Cruiser.

There's also the Silly Submarine water park, with plenty of fun to keep the little ones busy all day.

If you've always wondered how to take your beach vacation to the next level, I hope this article answers the question: add a water park to your beach vacation.

With the best of both worlds on offer, there's something for every member of the family.

Try one of these resorts for a great beach vacation with a water park next time.

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